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today, I don't show the type of flower, but what I show is, the beauty of the type of small butterfly, which is always flying, in the afternoon.

the type that you see, is the type of butterfly that has a characteristic, on both wings, namely:

  • round spots
  • white dots
  • brown circle
  • Brown
  • small size


This type of butterfly that you see, when flying, has speed and agility, when moving from, one place, to another place, which is above the leaf. by having a slightly dark brown color, when looking for this type, it is very difficult for us to get, moreover, if it is present, around, dry leaves.


the existence of this type, among which the dried leaves, memeang are always visible, this happens, to avoid, from other types of insects, which will eat them, for example the type of dragonfly, which is large.


large dragonflies, often making this type of butterfly, become their prey, because the speed of flying butterflies, which are small, a step faster than butterflies ..


because rain is here again this afternoon, in the area I live, I only get a few pictures, this type of butterfly, before this type of butterfly flies.

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Location PhotoForest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraTamron
Photography by@sultan-aceh


Motif jih unik that, lage bungong bak ija batik. Sep jelas deuh gamba, hana hek bak ta peurati.

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A very beautiful butterfly, which reminds me of a rarity in our region. The white line on its wings shows me that it is a different species. I like your pictures, and I hope you show more of such moments in nature.


Thank you for your time
come comment

yes .. @faltermann
you too ... lots of butterflies that you show
You also often disappear some time

i like about the free nature

nice to see your picture too @faltermann
is preparing in the near future
on my journey

yes siiiir Best regards... consider your suggestions for me @faltermann

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Congratulations @sultan-aceh!

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Ornamen batik pada ujung buulu yang sangat mempesona.
Angel bidikannya mantap

thank you so much @rokhani


Nice capture.
This one my capture

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heheheh .. You are great
thank you so much @nevlu123

Super fantastic photogrphy

thank you so much @steem-bas

Most welcome

Natural beauty photofeed

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