The beauty of dianthus unique flower types

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Hello ..... all my friends

Today, I have prepared again, beautiful flower pictures from the Gayo highlands, central Aceh region. which has cold weather, either during the day, or at night.

apparently, after I explored several areas there, I got a unique flower again, with a pink color.

This type of flower, I say, is unique because ... on the edge of this flower, unlike other types of flowers, however, this type of flower has sharp angles, almost on the whole leaf, you can see it in the picture.

This type of flower is very diverse, and has a different color, you can see it in several google sources, of course.

To find out what kind of Pink Dianthus flowers I get, let us see below :

Pink Dianthus flowers


Pink Dianthus flowers

You can see it, the pink Dianthus flower is very beautiful, growing in groups, in one tree branch. in the picture you can see, this type of flower, has a very bright color, plus has a motif on the middle circle.


Pink Dianthus flowers

in the picture above you can also see, this type of flower has an undeveloped binga, if we predict, the whole develops together, surely more beautiful.


Pink Dianthus flowers

in the middle of this flower, another motif is also there, which allows our eyes, it would be beautiful to see it. especially if this type of flower, is in our garden circle at home.


Pink Dianthus flowers

in the picture above, I deliberately took a photo, from the top, so that it looks overall, this type of flower and motifs are in the middle circle, so you can see it clearly.


Pink Dianthus flowers

Likewise with the picture above, I took a picture from the top, so you can see it clearly, from the characteristics of this flower.


Pink Dianthus flowers

especially if you see the picture above, if we both have a flower garden at home, surely other people will be happy to see, a group of flowers that are growing and developing at home gardens, very happy to see it.

Interest Business

especially for those of you who like to plant flowers at home, this type of flower, is very suitable for selling the seeds, in the side business at home, which we sell, to other communities or neighbors, who like to plant various types of flowers, surely other people, will be happy to buy it. at a low price you offer.

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraYungNuo 50mm - F.1.8
Types flowerPink Dianthus flowers
LocationTakengon City - Aceh Tengah


that's pretty awesome to look at enjoyed the shots wow :)

Sekarang saya baru sadar, setelah melihat foto yang @sultan-aceh bagikan beberapa hari ini, ternyata di Takengon banyak tumbuh bunga-bunga yang elok. Warnanya pih sep lagak 😍

Wow,nice color nice photography sir

If you don't mind i want to share your flowers with my another platform, can i do it?

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It is a beautiful flower and extraordinary color. Thanks for posting.

Oh my God
These photos are awesome
Look at the pinks its has

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