Wildflowers in the mountainous area

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Wildflowers in the mountainous area

I will show again, the type of wild flower, which grows in the mountains, the type of flower that is almost similar, with this Aster flower, almost some people guess, this type of flower is, the type of daisies that are still small, although this type of flower, is said to have several benefits , for the surrounding community, who keep sheep, but this type, the surrounding community, has never seen, if, this type of flower has grown and developed large.

let us see, the type of flower that I mean, below, so that we can together know, the flower I mean.


The picture above is, the type of flower that I found, in the mountains, because it has a good color, so I tried to take some pictures, which you will see here.

because, this type of flower, almost the average home yard, has this type of flower, which surrounds, the entire area of the fence. but the unique thing is, this type of flower is only found in purple color.


we can see together, the types of delicate flowers, almost all over the top of this flower grow, around a round circle, with a shiny purple color. I feel ... if da who saw, surely we would like to take a closer look and know, what kind of flower is this ...?




although after seeing, just a glance like an ordinary flower ... ops ... wait a minute ... this type of flower has properties, especially for sheep.


according to local people, It turns out, this type of flower, is very beneficial for sheep food, which is maintained, in the mountainous areas and has cold weather.

I asked the local community "what are the benefits"

the people there say, if the sheep that are kept by the people there, experience "colds", or often called "flatulence" then ... the people there, will look for or give this tree and flower species, as sheep food, to a few days, until the sheep, returned to normal health.

after listening to a brief explanation of the local community, I answered "thank you for the information" of course "while smiling at them.


wells ... thus, that is what I can convey in showing the beauty of wild flowers and the benefits of this type of flower.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Orchid PlantEpidendrum Orchid
LocationGayo Lues District
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraYungNuo 50mm - F.1.8
Photography by@sultan-aceh



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Nice brown flower

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Beautiful view of the flowers