Thanks buddy. And of course you are one of the fellow who actually is trying to make an impact and still around for long time. And the best part is trying the best even when things are not good..

You are welcome, big brother.
ya I am doing as much I can do by my side rest is up to "don`t know"

Exactly.. Bhagwan Krishna ne kaha hain karm kare ja vats phal ki chinta na kar.

Its really nice to have this conversation going on. But I miss the anime review from you. Are you still into those things?

yes that's why I like bhagwan krishna rhe most.

I didn't got that much time to write long posts, I have one story about my college life. I hope you will enjoy it.
I also missed your contests.
I think I have written all of the stories in your contests only, Loved and missed those days.

And about I have watched many anime series in these past year I will male some post after few months.😎