On the other side of thirties bridge

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It's a queer age, on the other hand, like Tuesday, as at three o ' clock in the afternoon, its too late and too soon for anything.

On the other hand, It is very beautiful,
Because The expected anxiety is over, the sadness of the descent hasn't started yet.
We feel clear. If we are religious at that age, we are religious. If we don't believe in God, we don't.
We are not afraid of the ridicule of the young, because we are young. We 're not scared of blame by elders, because we are elders.
We are not afraid of sin, because we understand that sin is just a point of view.
We 're not afraid to don't obey, because we have learned to obey is a stupid thing to do.
We are not afraid of punishment because we have come to the conclusion that love is not a problem.
When we 're going to fall in love, we shall be, we mustn't be accountable to teacher and school and priest.