The fourth bubble of BIT COIN

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Before dropping the current bitcoin price, We 've seen 3 price drop bubble and After a while, it was back in its process. The price reduction of these days can be the 4th bubble of BTC.
In 2011 Bubble, 94% lowered the price and It took 19 months to reach a new high price. Two-day explosion in April 2013, Reduced 83% of the value of bitcoin, but seven months later it reached a new high price. Finally, the bubble of the end of 2013 resulted in a 20-month explosion and bitcoin price dropped by 87%, then, with beginning a slowly and steady growth perioud, after 3 years, targeted a new high price.
Thus, the loss of 80% of the value of bitcoin until today and over a 12month period is certainly not very bad; if only we knew where the floor level is.
in 2000, the stake of several companies suffered a extreme drop of bubble shape. Of course, the shares of some of these companies have never reached their high price. But Amazon shares, which was one of these companies, benefited from a 37,000 percent profit after a 98. 7 percent decline.

Past behavior does not predict future performance.
Of course, none of these gives us anything definite, but they remind us that we should not lose hope. However, since the birth of Bitcoin, the critics have come back over the past ten years, critics have already claimed more than 300 times that bitcoin is going away, But it wasn't.