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"Native founded by Jake Vartanian, one of the very early
cryptocurrency space influencers, as well as the founder of Cryptodex;
the first advisory firm specializing in token launches".
"Jake’s core experience has been in advising projects on the principles
that generate healthy and prosperous cryptocurrency communities geared
around meaningful and important projects. Jake’s perspective on the
terms meaningful and important are a result of his vast travels
throughout developed and emerging economies and communities. Jake’s
roots in the cryptocurrency space come first and foremost from his
decision to teach himself about financial markets; which inevitably
revealed to him the faults of modern-day money. Jake was spurred
further by Robert Swann (a community currency visionary) and Hakim Bey
(a provoking counterculturist) in his understanding of the nature of

"Jake’s inspiration for Native came from an insight he gained through
his experience with yoga. Through yoga he understood that “attention,
value and energy are actually the same thing.”
" At Native, Jake and the team want to learn how people can be enabled
to work on the things they legitimately care about. In doing so their
attention will be maximized and in turn so will their energy and
output. If the former proves to be correct, then the value of the
participants in this new paradigm of online communities will also be

"Native is an Ethereum-built platform that enables communities to
generate their own unique token currencies and effectively manage
their resources through collective decision-making tools. Native
empowers communities to realize their inherent value in a global
economy and unlock the power of the collective to generate widespread
impact and prosperity".

Benefits of platforms that connects individuals having a common interest, could include:

" To enable others launch unique community
currencies with functional standards that include: memberships,
transactions, and votes".

"Native’s governance features allow the Native
token owners to guide community decisions, as well as fund and
influence the policies of local derivative projects built on Native".

"All of the governance options on Native are delivered through simple
templates so that any lack of technical knowledge on the user’s end
does not interfere with their ability to execute the growth of the communities".

The administrators of Native communities
Have the deepest knowledge of the community’s initial vision".

"These communities has a filter to ensure only beneficial content is added for members to view and vote on
Approve or deny work created by community members".

"Members join communities with values, interests and goals they care about".

"Membership grants these individuals certain rights".

"Members make crucial decisions regarding capital deployment and
community direction".

Members have the power to replace Curators.

Members can join multiple communities".

Impacts of having an economy that allows the community to accomplish its goals.

"Engagement and encouragement of
young people in programs to empower and amplify their voice,
specifically around environmental justice".

"It will enable film enthusiasts:
filmmakers, viewers, and funders convened in one digital ecosystem to
collectively develop, produce and distribute conscious films".

"It will foster communities like SDG Futures which is a decentralized and distributed communities and
technology stack for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

"There will be global peace and unity among different economics, improving Peace Accelerators, a New-York-based non-profit that is committed to
accelerating the spread of global peace by using a community-driven,
tech-centric, and future-forward perspective to devise solutions that
leverage emergent technologies for the betterment of humanity".

"Development of more decentralized open learning organizations working to iterate
towards a future of smart education that is more open, agile, and
rewarding for all stakeholders".

"It will foster the spirit of sportsmanship as collective of fans committed to embracing
all things".

How native will change the way communities are able to start and grow. Native could improve ways communities start and grow, through some of these reasons.

Individuals could be able to find a community they’re interested in and support them through the
purchase of their tokens.

Individuals can decide what they want to build a community around. They can generate and sell their own
tokens, their value can be tracked, and their direct input will be
assessed in the development of the community through the member’s

Each community that launches on Native has its
own unique token to signify membership, create a community resource
pool, and use as a medium of exchange within the community.

Members have the ability to vote on polls to contribute their
feedback to the community.

Members can decide on the projects the community pursues,
giving them a voice in how the pool of resources is used.

Members can complete important tasks in exchange for the
communities tokens

Such communities I would like to start and grow is student community, where academic ideas, lecture notes, resourceful materials etc, are share and since Native allows me to generate and distribute my own community tokens. Airdropping these token will enable it's wide spread and students loving free things will be attracted to the by the share of the tokens

Some use cases
As a huge fan of student communities.
I will enjoy being an administrator of a community that shares this passion. Meanwhile I generate and distributing tokens to grow my community and attract other like minded individuals.

As the administrator I will be in charge of the decision making process that the group
pursues. My aim being to foster a student resource oriented community.
I believe I have contributed my opinion to keep these contest and open minded one.

Native blog
Native website


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