Indications to know that the meditation method you are practicing works to bring you to enlightenment

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This is what a disciple asks: "What are the exact indications to know that the concrete technique that is being practiced will lead to the supreme?"

Master Osho replies: "There are indications: first, you start to feel a different identity within yourself, you are no longer the same, if the technique is appropriate for you, you are immediately a different person. you are not the same husband, if you are a shopkeeper, you are no longer the same shopkeeper, no matter what you are, if the technique is appropriate for you, you are a different person, that is the first indication.

So if you start to feel weird with respect to yourself, realize that something is happening. If you are still the same and you do not feel anything strange, nothing is happening. This is the first indication of whether a technique is appropriate for you. If it is, you are immediately transported, transformed into a different person. Suddenly this happens: you look at the world differently.

... Second, everything that creates tensions, conflicts, begins to diminish. It is not that when you have practiced the method for years, then your conflicts, anxieties, tensions will diminish ... no! If the method is appropriate for you, they begin to decrease immediately. Notes that a vitality comes to you; you are downloading You will begin to feel, if the technique is appropriate for you, that gravity has been reversed. The earth no longer pulls you down. Rather, the sky pulls you up. How do you feel when an airplane takes off? Everything is altered. Suddenly there is a jolt, and gravity becomes insignificant. The earth no longer pulls you; you are moving away from gravity.

The same shaking happens if a meditative technique is appropriate for you. Suddenly, you take off. Suddenly you feel that the earth has become insignificant; there is no gravity. Do not pull yourself down; You are being elevated. In religious terminology, this is called "grace." There are two forces: gravity and grace. Grace means that you are pulled up; gravity, which pulls you down.

That is why in meditation many people suddenly feel that they have no weight. That is why many people feel an internal levitation. And many have told me this when the technique is appropriate for them: "How strange! We close our eyes and feel that we are a little above the earth: about thirty, sixty, even one hundred and twenty centimeters above the earth. When we open our eyes, we are simply on the ground; When we close our eyes, we have levitated. What is this? When we open our eyes we are simply on the ground! We have not levitated. »

The body remains on the ground, but you levitate. This levitation is really a pull from above. If the technique is appropriate for you, they have pulled you, because what the technique does is to become accessible to the pull up. So if it's appropriate for you, you know it: you've become weightless.

Third, whatever you do now, whatever it may be, regardless of how trivial it may be, it will be different. You will walk differently, you will sit differently, you will eat differently. Everything will be different. This difference you will notice everywhere. Sometimes, this strange experience creates fear. One wants to go back and be the same again, because one was completely adapted to the old. It was a routine world, even boring, but you were efficient in it.

Now you feel a fissure everywhere. You will feel that you have lost your efficiency. You will feel that your utility has been reduced. You will feel that you are a stranger everywhere. You have to go through this period. You will adapt again.
You have changed, not the world, so you will not fit. So remember the third: When the technique is appropriate for you, you will not fit into the world. You will become inadequate. There is something loose everywhere, missing a screw. You will feel everywhere that there has been an earthquake. And everything has remained the same; Only you, you have become different. But you will be adapted in a different plane, in a higher plane.

The alteration feels the same as when a child grows up and becomes sexually mature. At fourteen or fifteen, every boy feels that he has become weird. A new force has appeared: sex. Before it was not there, or it was there, but hidden. Now, for the first time, it has become available to a new type of force. That's why teens feel uncomfortable; the girls, the boys, when they become sexually mature, they feel very uncomfortable. They do not fit anywhere. They are no longer children and they are not yet men, so they are in between, without fitting into any part. If they play with small children, they feel uncomfortable: they have become men. If they start to make friends with men, they feel uncomfortable: they are still children. They do not fit with anyone.

The same phenomenon happens when a technique is appropriate for you. A new source of energy becomes available, and is larger than sex. You are again in a transitory period. Now you can not fit into this world of worldly men. You are not a child, and you still can not fit into the world of the saints; and in between one feels uncomfortable.

If a technique is appropriate for you, three things will arise. You may not expect me to say these things. You may expect me to say that you would become quieter, calmer, and I am saying the opposite: you will become more disturbed. When the technique is appropriate for you, you will become more disturbed, not quieter. The silence will come later. And if silence arrives and not embarrassment, be very clear that this is not a technique; this is
Simply adapt to the old pattern.

That's why more people decide for prayer than for meditation; because prayer gives you comfort. It suits you, it fits you, your world. Prayer did virtually what psychoanalysts do now. If you are disturbed, it will make you less disturbed, more adjusted to the norm, to society, to the family. So going to the psychoanalyst for one, two or three years will not make you better, but you will be more adapted. Prayer does the same thing, and priests do the same thing: they make you more adapted.

Your son has died and you are troubled, and you go to a priest. He says to you: «Do not be disturbed. Only the children whom God loves most die so soon. He calls them. »You feel satisfied. Your son has been "called." God loves you more. Or the priest tells you something else: "Do not worry, the soul never dies. Your son is in heaven. "

There was a woman here a few days ago. Her husband had died last month. I was disturbed. He came to me and said: "Just assure me that you have been reborn in a good place and that everything will be fine. Give me the certainty that he has not gone to hell, or has become an animal, that he is in heaven or has become a god or something like that. If you can assure me this, then everything is fine. Then I can cope; otherwise I am miserable. "

The priest would say: "Very good! Your husband is born as a god in the seventh heaven, and he is very happy. And it is waiting for you. »

These prayers make you adapted to the norm ... and you feel better.

Meditation is a science. It will not help you adapt, it will help you transform. That is why I say that these three things will appear as indications. Silence will come, but not as an adaptation. Silence will come as an internal flowering. Then the silence will not be an adaptation to society, to the family, to the world, to the company ..., no! Then the silence will be an authentic harmony with the universe.

Then a deep harmony between you and the whole blooms, then there is silence; but that will come later. First you will feel disturbed, first you will go crazy: because you are crazy, only you do not realize it.

If a technique is appropriate for you, it will make you aware of everything you are. Your anarchy, your mind, your madness, everything will come to light. You are a dark confusion. When a technique is appropriate for you, it is as if suddenly there is light and all the confusion becomes visible. For the first time you will meet yourself as you are. You would like to turn off the light and go back to sleep: it's scary. This is the point at which a teacher becomes useful. He says to you: «Do not be afraid. This is just the beginning. And do not run away from it. "

At first, this light shows you what you are, and if you can move on, it transforms you into what you can be. "Osho, The Book of Secrets volume 1.

You can find more information and methods of Osho meditation in the Book of Secrets that contains 6 volumes and in the Orange Book, the author of both books is Osho.