All Good Things Must Come To An End #fff #79

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It was exactly 10 weeks ago I introduced you to the newest sponsor of The Coolest Kitchen On The Blockchain, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Thessaloniki, Greece, the skies were blue, it was nearing the Thanksgiving celebration and I had on a tank top. Now I’m in Northern England, I’m pretty sure there’s a sky above me somewhere, most likely there’s a sun up there, too, but even if there is, my skin wouldn’t know it. I’m bundled up in a -40 Fahrenheit rated jacket, got this dapper yellow and black plaid scarf tied so tight around my neck, my beanie’s libel to combust, and I’m #writing this while bundled up next to the heater—’brrrr!!‘

After 10 weeks of sponsorship, @bluemist, the creator of @appreciator and curator responsible for updating your feed with quality content is doing what every good sponsor does—spread the #love. On behalf of everyone who makes a mess at @foodfightfriday, we’re grateful for your support. Over the past 10 weeks, along with @appreciator upvotes served at random to our deserving chefs, we’ve been able to dish out 540 #Steem in prizes to the winning contenders each week—thank you! Thanks to your generosity, we’ve created enough buzz in the #community to have upwards of 24 contenders throw down with us each week, attract the sponsorship of @foodiesunite, who now throw 4,000 foodie tokens at our winning chefs each week, watched our reputation climb from 57 to 63, subsequently increasing our SP which increases our upvote strength and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Although we hate to see you go, we understand there’s plenty of worthy initiatives around here who could benefit from your support—thanks again, @appreciator, don’t be a stranger!


Ok! Now that I got that part of the way, Hi, I’m D and A, the author known as @dandays. Along with my effervescent, ever so politically-correct self, are a pair of OG’s responsible for running this thing we #food connoisseurs call @foodfightfriday, you know who they are—the creator of the account who can’t turn a wirenut and wants you to believe the only poles he climbs have high voltage running across them. He’s a monotone talking and boring DINo’er who lacks a sense of humor and can’t fix anything, @jlsplatts. Last but not least, I take back that least, the man who chooses to reside in a state famous for hurricanes. The only thing worse than his taste in music is his ability to starve himself one week only to bathe in butter the next—he’d like you to believe he’s a professional picker but each time he picks something, he ends up with a bloody nose and a sticky finger, @idig.

That’s called humor, well, it’s what I consider humor at least, insert tag here: #satire. Those of you who don’t know what that tag means are a little light on the impervious side—go ahead, look that one up. As I mentioned in the opening paragraphs, our sponsor has since decided to spread the love amongst other worthy initiatives which means I can cross out ixnay cordial from the recipe and add a few tablespoons shovels of this instead.

Those of you who think it’s acceptable behavior to message me on discord every.single.week threatening me with your husband, asking for special treatment, or crying about a gif which, by the way, is a “cartoon,” and I remedied it in a professional manner out of respect for our sponsor—that ends now. Should you continue to find yourself under the assumption it’s ok to contact me in private or in public about the “why’s,” “why not’s,” and “howcome’s,” careful what you wish for. 😉 The things people are capable of doing such as disrespecting their fellow steemians by politicking around discord and telegram for votes or, what they believe they’re entitled to on account of a prize valued at a whopping $4, has been enlightening.

@foodfightfriday is fun—spoiler alert: those are the first three letters in #funny. We designed this initiative with the sole intents of purpose to bring all of the chefs together in one place to share their recipes and attract attention to their #blog. We’ve been pretty successful at doing that. We don’t ask much as far as rules go, I think there’s only two three four. ’One, two... yeah, four!’

The first one is your contender needs to be food related—that includes everything from recipes to dinner dates, ingredient discrepancies, farmers market visits, gardening tips, restaurant reviews, etc “if it’s food related, it flies.” The next is Friday, please tag #fff and post your contender no later than Friday—the third F in #fff. You wouldn’t post your Tasty Tuesday entry on a Thursday, why should we be any different? The third is we ask that you please return to the contender post during the week and cast your vote for your favorite contender, “participation,” it’s what keeps this initiative running. The fourth is pretty much just an extension of the third—no self-votes. Pretty easy.

On behalf of myself, @jlsplatts, and @idig (the two brainiacs I mentioned earlier), thanks for making a mess with us on Fridays, we look forward to your contenders each week and this wouldn’t be The Coolest Kitchen On The Blockchain without you. Since the creation of this food blog, we’ve met and continue to meet some upstanding people with a great sense of community. Thank you (yes, you) for making @foodfightfriday a fun place to get together each week—happy Friday everyone! Good luck in Round 79, we look forward to seeing what you brought to the table this week and I’ll see you back here for Round 80—20 months and still going strong, who woulda thunk?! 🤔






Hahahahahahahahaha… you actually had to make “no self voting” a RULE?!? C’mon guys, remember what we learned in grammar school…? “When you GIVE you receive” or something along those lines. Anyway, happy the triple F competition is back to its grass roots. Maybe all of the fun old timers (me, 😉) will jump back in without all of the cheating, self serving, whiners circling the waters 🤷🏼‍♀️ @dandays, @jlsplatts, @idig 🤡

Ooh wee. Can't wait for a Pura sighting! 👀😜


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Cheers, @sparkesy43! If I’m not mistaken, which I’ve never ever done ever by the way, made a mistake—bzz! That was a lie. That whole sentence was a lie dude. Here, I’ll start over.

Cheers, @sparkesy43! You’re in Australia, right? I hope the fires don’t have you in any danger man. Is there any good news in regard to them? Enjoy your weekend, sir. 👍🏿

I certainly am in Australia but thankfully not impacted this year (though last January was touch and go for my father in law).

We've had some heavy rain in some areas which has helped a bit, but there are still a few areas burning.

The biggest challenge will be the rebuild in some of the worst hit areas. Thanks for checking in though man

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I thought there will be a wonderful cover image related to food😁 .. why do I think that you supposed to create this post on @foodfightfriday?

Hahaha.. thanks to the @appreciator for the support all this 10 weeks (at least I finally got my belt😂) I will see whether I can delegate some sp too

Finally—maybe you can finally keep your pants from calling down.

See what I mean about sweetest chef?! You just can’t help yourself, @cicisaja.

Yes, @appreciator did us all a nice favor, that was an exciting 10 weeks. I’d be lying if I wasnt sad to see him go but I’d also be lying if I didn’t say I’m happy to get this thing back to the way is used to be.

Have a great weekend Just Trying, I always love it when you stop by. Enjoy your weekend young lady.

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Not sure what’s going on, seems I missed some drama.
I accidentally self voted once, paid the price and never did it again. A fish slap should do that.

This competition gives me something to strive for each week and I’d hate to see it ruined.
When I don’t enter it’s because I don’t feel I could match the quality of some of the other entries with the material I’ve collected that week. But it’s my hope that the delay means that my entries get some “oomph” to them as a result. Or maybe I am kidding myself.

This week I couldn’t decide which way to go: more soup-kitchen talk from the heart, or do I talk about how I didn’t follow the intstuctions and messed up a meal? Neither would have been up to my standards. I won’t promise anything for mext week, but I do hope to surprise myself. :)

@shaidon. Dude, you’ve always been nothing but positive in this community. If you ever did a weird vote thing, I didn’t even notice.

Yeah, drama, that’s all it is was. People in the community got a little too carried away once a decent amount of steem prizes were offered is all, nothing to excited about, I’m sure they’ll dwindle away now as they were just here for themselves anyway.

How are you and those fires man? Has anything of yours or people you know been in danger? I hope you’re ok down there man, we hear about it, but obviously don’t know anything compared to someone experiencing it first hand.

The fires haven’t affected me directly, although friends had been reporting smoke, etc.
The situation was bad, but we’ve had some much needed heavy rains (which then caused flooding).
My Uncle is about 10kms from where some of the bigger fires were happening, but he lives by the beach and has camping gear and a decent car so he’d be alright regardless.

Thank you once again for the supportive comments. The fishslap I got was earlier last year because I wasn’t thinking properly.

I’ll see what I can come up with for next week’s entry.

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May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma
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Good Luck
Have a

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