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You’re already aware there’s no such thing as 0.32 free #bitcoin and, anytime you’re made a similar offer, you exit the page. This article is for everyone else—everyone who sees 0.32 BTC (currently $2,719 USD) as a number less shocking, more inviting, and are tempted to proceed forward—don’t!

A few days ago I received a message on discord from a user I’ve never talked to before who goes by @shiny. This is the full message:


I knew it was some sort of phishing attempt but I wanted to see if anyone else received a similar message. I asked around and got a response from @jaguar.force, he sent me the following screen shot from a user named @soupy_till.


Other than a few altered emojis, they’re identical phishing attempts with one major difference—the webpage. The first one lists as the registered exchange and the second one lists their exchange as If you visit Pleinbit (don’t enter any #information!), it actually appears to be an exchange. WealBit, however, has since been removed. I conducted a few online searches; “pleinbit scam,” “pleinbit reviews,” “pleinbit scam warning,” to see what else I could find pertaining to the scam and I found comments like this on Reddit:




I’m surprised how limited the information is, this warning needs to reach more platforms—all of them. But that’s all I could find—some Reddit users calling it a scam. I dug a little deeper.

Phishing is an attempt to steal information from you. By doing things such as clicking on a link, entering verification codes, taking surveys, and things like that, you’re making your device vulnerable to third parties hosting the platform you’re entering information on. It’s like cookies but potentially worse. To the tech savvy third party, entering codes and information could grant them access to your device where you store passwords, addresses, and other sensitive information. I dug some more.

I learned they’re not just stealing information, they’re using the .32 Bitcoin deposited to your PleinBit BTC wallet to steal Bitcoin. After researching this scam for quite awhile, I found the following thread written by time_wasted504 who claims to have received the .3 Bitcoin—that means this user clicked the fraudulent link and entered the access code provided by the scammer. Read the response to time_wasted504 written by GEBucky1:


What they’re doing is sending 0.3 Bitcoin to the wallet they developed to then charge you .01 Bitcoin to collect it—you’ll send .01 and never actually receive anything. .01 BTC at the time of this #writing is valued at $83 USD—a nominal amount. I learned the phishing websites are fake and they’re built on top of screen shots, I didn’t understand what that meant.

If you go to and see their coin offerings, you’ll notice you can’t scroll top to bottom through their listings—because the platform is a fraud. It’s a fraudulent exchange with an internal Bitcoin wallet developed to steal Bitcoin from those who are none the wiser. I wanted to know how they did it. That’s when I discovered the following thread with attached links to their Twitter account, explaining the scam in full detail, written by cointastical—one of the developers behind the exchange called “WhiteBit,”, an actual #crypto exchange:


PleinBit and WhiteBit are identical at first glance, that goes for all of the other fakes, they screen shotted WhiteBit’s interface. That list doesn’t include the website they sent me nor the one I received from Jaguar, there’s no telling how many frauds these people have developed. Don’t fall for it. Now you know what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. We’ve all heard it—“if it’s too good to be true...”




You must be very popular and has enough butcoin to suck @dandays 😂 Im glad that you can recognize it as phisser and scammers!

Lol! You did it again, @cicisaja. Your perfect typo made me laugh out loud. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Bitcoin called Butcoin and only the sweetest chef can pull of off so smoothly.

Thanks for checking out this article, sweetest chef, and thanks for always being so supportive of both Pura and I. I gope you’re having a great weekend! Sure is nice knowing you, Cici.

I was really want to edit it.. but you know, whatever I'll know what it mean 😂 and you can be sure I have fin as you gope it😉

Sometimes we need “take the phiss” out of these people. :)

Totally correct😂.. They probably need pees shower too😂

I got a message from a soupy as well, seems like i need to reset my privacy settings on discord

Hey, happy Friday! You too, huh? I hate to think about how many people actually fall for it, cuz you know there’s people who do. What a buncha snakes—they’re the ones who give crypto a bad name. I was surprised I received that message.

I didn’t know I could adjust my discord settings to avoid those message. How do you do that?

Thank you for checking this out, @livinguktaiwan. Good morning!

Whats a BTC...!?!?!!? Is it something like a BLT...? Ever since my sister became a vegetarian, she only eats turkey bacon now.

It’s like a BLT bit it doesn’t spoil when you trade it. Turkey bacon, what’s next? Beyond meat? I don’t even like flavored CBD oil.

Always a pleasure hearing from you @angeyman. Got any plans in between your naps this weekend?

Always a pleasure hearing from you @angryman. Got any plans in between your naps this weekend?

It's a pleasure hearing from you as well @dandays from the UK :>)

One of my plans for the weekend is to check my pulse periodically to see if I'm still alive. The others, I think I've already forgotten...!?!?!?!?

check my pulse periodically to see if I’m still alive.

I’ve heard of frequent pissing as you age, I suppose it’s not a bad idea to check your pulse while you got abold of yourself.

for you

“I got this change in my pocket goin jing-a-ling-a-ling.” 👍🏿 Always a pleasure to hear feom you @eii.


You’re great, @eii! You’ve supported everything I’ve done around here—thank you kindly!

Good looking out and detective work Watson. Hopefully people will see this and keep their funds safe but never open and click on links in unsolicited messages. Ever.

Hey whats up @nickyhavey?! Good to hear from you man. Yeah you’re right, never ever ever. Thank you for the kind words dude, I appreciate it, I put quite a bit of effort into this one considering I didn’t even know what ‘phishing’ meant before I wrote it so I appreciate the encouragement. 👍🏿

We’re in Ilkley right now and headed to Todmorton in about two weeks, sure would be cool to do something like get a cup of coffee together maybe. Not sure how busy your days are but I got about the most flexible schedule you can think of—just sayin.

Thanks for dropping me a line, it’s always a pleasure to hear feom you.

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But man, disabling autocorrect really makes it tough. Any idea what the time frame on the repair will be?

Thanks for stopping, @esteemapp!

Minor update to address some feedback/issues is planned next week.

Yeah I am normally suspicious of messages from people I don’t know. And the offer of free crypto is usually initially tempting but red flags are all over it.

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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