Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest - Entry #2

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The title says Entry #2 suggesting I’ve already entered this contest once, there’s a reason for that, I’ll explain. You see, there’s 150 #steem in prizes up for grabs and, as stated in these rules, multiple entries are acceptable—that’s the only reason. It has nothing to do with the fact I’m an only child who sucks at losing and the only thing better than a first place prize is a first place prize and second place prize. :wink:

The last sentence you just read is a blatant lie! Before I get started on this one, how’bout a big round of applause for the @steemitworldmap team headed by the tech savvy, @martibis, and the curating team responsible for keeping an eye out for each of our entries: @lizanomadsoul @itchyfeetdonica, @choogirl, and @livinguktaiwan. Thanks for hosting this competition you guys! 👍🏿

No.1 - England

What it Looked Like Out There This Week - People Photography & Messages (Saturday Post #2)


I know, I know, I began my first entry in England, too, what can I say? I really like the UK. If you haven’t been to England, you really should consider adding it to your bucket list, Brit’s are kind and hospitable, for lack of a better term, it’s like walking into a different world—a peaceful one.

Also, I wanted to give those of you who missed the article the first time another opportunity to meet Snapper Jones, the gentleman on the cover image—a former engineer in the Royal Military and his pitbull, Molly. As I was taking pictures that day, I snapped shots of several buskers as well as a few street performers, some street art, and just people #photography in general—then I met Snapper. I shook his hand and introduced myself. I spoke with him briefly and was able to help him out a little bit, he introduced me to Molly, the pitbull in the picture. I asked him if I could take a picture of them both and post it on #steemit, a social media platform, “sure, go ahead!” He didn’t mind at all.




No.2 - Costa Rica

How To Avoid Extortion By Costa Rican Authorities


The rules I mentioned in the beginning clearly state “your four favorite travel posts” and I’d be lying if I told you Costa Rica was anything other than my least favorite location anything. But I think this article is important so it made the cut and I’m sharing it with you again.

When your native country isn’t Costa Rica and you’re just visiting or on vacation, the locals see you coming from countries away and they don’t see you as human—you’re an ATM. That goes for everyone from the cab driver to the grocery checker, your Air B&B host, even airport security will rip you off by insisting there wasn’t any change in the basket you just removed from your pocket and placed in the basket prior to passing it through screening. When it comes to a country where negotiating the price of a bottle of water every.single.time you purchase a bottle of water is common practice, you need to be prepared, Policia are no exception. The only difference with them is they have guns.

After avoiding extortion by Costa Rican law enforcement, twice, I developed a step by step tutorial that you should know should you, for some reason, decide to go there. The best way to avoid being pulled over in your personal vehicle, twice, removed from your vehicle, twice, and then having to proceed with the tutorial I linked above is by avoiding the country altogether.



No. 3 - New York City

Dear Skimmers, I Know What You’re Thinking: “Dang, Dan! You Really Made Me Work My Arse Off On This One.”


I sure am glad that last section is over. I need to pour another cup of coffee now which, by the way, is easily accessible in New York and you won’t get haggled on the price. Everything is accessible in New York, even weed. In New York City, they have quality food trucks on the streets that serve fresh falafel (my favorite), Chinese food, American food, Thai, Latin, Asian, etc, every cuisine you can possibly think of and it’s all delicious right from the truck—they have weed trucks too. Because in the US, weed isn’t a controlled substance, it’s just a plant—an all naturally grown, water and photosynthesis derived, seed-bearing “plant.”

The stunning @puravidaville and I were only there for a week and crammed in as much as we could—the above link describes the following images in detail. During that short time, we got a good look at, amongst other things, Madison Square Garden, the World War II East Coast Memorial at Battery Park, Empire State Building, and we spent a few hours remembering all 2,997 innocent victims who lost their lives during the 2001 attacks at National September 11 Memorial & Museum.



No.4 - Rome, Italy

Roman Experience - Iconic Structures, Monuments, And Architecture Of Italy


We just departed from Italy on Monday. With thousands of years worth of preserved #history and over 900 elaborate churches, each with their own iconic water features and statues lining the city streets, it’s tough to take a bad picture in Rome.

We spent the Christmas holiday and New Years there, gorged ourselves with pasta and pesto, and spent several hours each day just taking it all in. The above linked article is one of six I released while we were in Italy and I still have two remaining—stay tuned. We toured everything from the Vatican, to Pantheon, the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and then some—it was an exciting month. “Once in a lifetime.”



Thanks again for hosting this competition, @steemitworldmap, sharing our 2019 #travel adventures is a great way to kick off the new year. Happy 2020 everybody—the year of clarity. Goodnight from England, I’ll see you on the next one.




Good morning @dandays, This entry should take the grand prize. Although I read these posts before I Totally enjoyed them for a second time. It's like a really good movie that you can watch several times and walk away with even a greater appreciation the second time around.
I'm not sure how this post has not lined your pockets with up-votes and $$$, it even depresses me.
As is always the nature with everything you post, your work is always top notch quality content.
The post on New York City reminded me of the fact that we almost had a chance to meet you and Pura, my bad on that one, but I've got a feeling that sooner or later we will cross paths and we will be able to extend a hand and share a hug.
Being that I still feel like I'm in my prime, I have yet to even think about a bucket list, but when I do, meeting the two of you would be right at the top of the list.

Man, if there was an award for commenter extraordinaire, you be a shoe-in, wait—hold that thought! You know what?! Man.. it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, I almost forgot I had it. Hold please.


That’s better! (it’s the best I got dude) Thanks for always being so cool, @thebigsweed. To have one of my piers appreciate my content like this really means a lot and keeps me motivated. Before I forget, thanks a lot for the Resteem. See, I almost forgot!

About the reward, I appreciate your sincerity in that, too. My man, thank you! For what it’s worth, these types of responses are really valuable to me. I don’t know what goes through a whales mind but they’re whales, I’m thankful when they come around and try not to get disappointed when they don’t. What I’m trying to say is, I’m pretty practiced at not getting disappointed and I never ever get frustrated, Ever, never never never never (can you tell?) when I see the one paragraph, two image garbage receive generous support. 😉 These types of comments, though, are all I need to keep my foot on the gas pedal—thank you! And, although there isn’t any big ones, I sure do enjoy seeing the amount of people who donate what they’re capable of donating.

Yeah, man.. we missed you by like A DAY! What are the chances?! I already got you in my sights, sir. I’ll try to give you a bigger window this time but it ‘should be’ about this time next year that we’re en route back to the states. We’ll most likely layover in New York again, in fact, I can be sure of it. Hm.. guess you got about a one year window, Sweed. 👍🏿

Thank you for the kind words, thanks for always being so supportive, you’re good for this blockchain.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, Sweed. Give our love to @farm-mom.

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@lovelemon 拧萌 迎着暴雨 骑着飞毯 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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Great post my friend @dandays. It reads like a travel guide. Your photos are perfect.
I guess returning to Costa Rica is out, thank god you got out alive. hehe

We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. True story—we left the Air B&B two weeks early. Can you believe that? Paid rent and didn’t care—“we’re out!”

Thanks a lot for checking this one out, @farm-mom, I’m glad you liked it. I tried to make it engaging the whole way through rather than in intervals seeing how it was a recap of articles I’d already written. I hope that worked out.

Always a pleasure to hear from, thank you for your support. Don’t be a stranger now, ya’hear!

Yum...falafel… one of my favorites too, with sprouts, tomatoes and onions (did I spell tomato correctly?)

(did I spell tomato correctly?)

Yes, you nailed it. And you nailed Tomatoes two too! You’re battin 1,000, technically two but the saying says 1,000 and I’ve never been one to ruffle feathers.

I’m a falafel connoisseur, sir, “guilty!” Have you noticed Syrians make the best falafel? I’ve sampled from many nationalities and, although some are tough to compare and certainly there’s a bunch of second bests, my favorite is still from a joint called The Hippea in Long Beach—a really nice Syrian lady with a decades old family recipe. Man, I miss The Hippea.

My least favorite is when they bake them. To each their own, I’ve heard people say otherwise but I need that 375 degree boiling oil fried deliciousness.

Can you tell I like falafel? I haven’t shut up about it until now. Or is it shut down? 🤔

Thanks a lot for keeping an eye on us, @angryman, it’s always a pleasure to hear from. Have a great weekend youngster.

I've got a Syrian living next door to me, maybe I can coax her to make some Falafel for me and test your postulation/opinion?

She's a Physician though, so any surgical precision might screw things up when it comes to food prep. but, then again... she is an Ophthalmologist, so perhaps she has a keen eye for detail, leading too Falafel perfection???

I don't know...!?!?!? Just thinking out loud. Well, not out loud, but sort of, since I'm tapping this keyboard.

Damn Days, give us other chicken heads a chance with the steemitworldmap travel contest won't you?!

Rome is a beautiful city, so much architecture and the colosseum is a great spot, you certainly made the most of your month there!

Now you're back in knee slapping dnb land hey?

Damn Days, give us other chick heads a chance...

Firstly, “Damn!” LOL dude that’s funny! Going on three years on this platform and nobody has said that to me. Been called a lot of things but Damn Days is a first. Good one, @nickyhavey!

Oh, by the way, NO! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and that’s not a whole bunch of meme’s, either, it says “me!”

Great to hear from you Nicky, always a pleasure. Yes’ir back in DnB land. Funny you say that, I nearly forgot and then I found the nearest gym, whad’ya know? They’ve been playing drum n bass every day—perfect!

Hey there, I was only just telling my wife, Faith, about your guys and that you spent all of 2019 travelling...It's something we would love to do someday. For us, travelling brings so much value, life lessons and experiences, and we do it whenever we get the chance. For me, as someone who loves history travel allows me to delve into it, to experience the places I research in person. So enjoyable. Curated for @curangel and hope you and Pura are well.

Thank you for the kind wishes, @galenkp. Not sure if I’m repeating myself or not but we’ve crossed the red tape and Pura has been registered with a private “surgeon,” because that’s what they call “doctors” in England. We were trippin for a minute when we were assigned a surgery.. “uh, what? We just need a hospital.” Well, hospitals are called “surgeries” here. Anyhow, we have an appointment on Friday, she’s super anxious as I’m sure you could imagine and we’re making progress. I can’t wait to tell you guys “we’re up and running again!”

Man, that sure was a long opening paragraph. 🤔 It’s your emotion packed responses, sir, you draw these winded responses out of me every time!

I just woke up and I’d be lying if learning you mentioned our traveliving to Faith isn’t a nice surprise first thing in the am, such a pleasure to cause conversation outside the platform, thanks for telling me. Speaking of history, there’s a lot that got me to this point actually, @galenkp. Here’s the short version:

When people ask me what I do, the blanket response goes “I just made really good decisions in my 20’s.” Although that’s true, I also slaved away man. When my buddies took off on the weekends, I didn’t go. For 22 years man, I never took a vacation. Not once, the most I did was extend a given three day weekend into four days and I literally can count on one hand how many times I did that. I was told the day I began my career at age 19 if I worked enough, I could be fully retired by the time I’m 40. Well, I held them to that and, although I missed age 40, I only missed it by two years—42. My friend, “close enough” if you ask me! #blessed.

Now then, history-history.. wait! How rude of me. Thank you kindly for the curation, I really appreciate that. I thoroughly enjoy sharing these experiences with each of you so when I receive that type of recognition, understand that I’m grateful! Thank you.

Am I still typing? Got dang!

You’re still here I hope. “Hello.. l0Oo 0O.. ooo..

See, I’m from the indoctrinated public school system in the states. Not only is living abroad the only way to learn, see, experience history and disprove all of the reasons I was taught to fear the rest of the world but, sir, it’s the only way I’ll even know what these other flags look like! <- that’s a not a joke by the way.

Alright, I’m going to try to stop this novel sized response now. Thank you so much for following along, I’m a big fan of your blog, too. Faith is a lucky gal. Let’s do this again soon. Enjoy your Sunday douwn Unda mate!

Your Aussie accent is getting better! Lol.

I'm really pleased to hear that your hard work paid off as I'm a fan of reward for effort. I was on a similar path to you although a rogue business partner ended that good run and after losing almost everything I had it was back to square one, the old drawing board, so to speak, and we had to start all over again. That was in 2014. Oh well, that's just life I guess. It's great to see you made it out early (out of the rat-race) and are enjoying life.

It's good that Pura is on the way to getting some professional help through the doctor. As it turns out we also sometimes call doctors offices surgeries. Hospitals are called hospitals but my doctors office, for instance, is called a surgery. I think it's a remnant from the very old days, just like the word hospital derives from Old French usage meaning place for the needy or some such thing. We also call doctors offices clinics. OK, enough school for now...Lol.

You're welcome for the support. Curangel only lets me curate one post per author per week so it avoids curators simply promoting friends. It's always a pleasure to promote your posts though and I look forward to doing so again.

All the best for Sunday and the week ahead.

Man!! Thanks for the Curangel deets (that’s some weird kid slang thing for details). Sure, not as enlightening as the origin of hospital but what can I say? I’m feelin cheery-0! 🤔 That may be a cross between Brit and Aussie, “cheery-0”—I’m working on it. Either that or Australia was originally inhabited by England to imprison British law breakers, that’s probably why I’m confusing the two.

No, really, I had no idea, it’s an even greater honor now and that opens my eyes for each of the curators who have been so kind—I had no idea. Sure does add another notch for Curangel.

Seems we both understand the meaning of rat-race though! “Lowd’n clee’uh.”

I can’t stand these one-on-one’s with you, can you tell? (that’s borderless for #satire)

England sent a lot of criminals down here to the Port Arthur penal colony and others also...A couple of my descendants among them. I'm proud of my convict heritage, as all Aussies are. :)

Brits—such a great group of people but their history sure has some mysteries. Firstly, what were they thinking when they established Australia, a land of early New Years celebrations, gorgeous sea, beautiful coast line (each of which I’ve yet to experience for myself—it’s one the list!), far stretching desert, tropical weather, and.. and.. and.. as a prison sentence?! Uhm.. have they noticed how freezing cold it is here? 🤔

You’re never gonna believe this, maybe you’ve heard, 😉 but they used to have a weird way of addressing my homeland, too, @galenkp. One time, way back in 1776, they actually threw a huge tea party where I come from in honor of their profound decision making.

Ah yes, the old Boston Tea Party...I studied that in school. The English were a hubris-loaded bunch were they not? Still, it takes all kinds. :)

Congratulations! You won the joint second runner prize of the Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest!!!

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Oh yes! Thank you so much @steemitworldmap, @puravidaville and I are eating good today! I don’t know how Ya’all managed to round up the winning entries with so many quality articles and I’m honored to have been chosen (so honored I had to edit this response like three times now because I’m going typo crazy). Good morning from England, what a pleasant surprise to wake up. Here, this track says it all..

Wow. Again very good quality and friendly narration. When I read your writings, I know many different cultures and lives. Your photos also help me visualize. I hope you win the competition. Thank you.

Such a nice comment—thank you, @avare! You’ve been so supportive of the things I’m doing around and I really appreciate it. Thank you for resteeming this one. It’s this type of appreciation that motivates me to write another one.

Thank you for the kind compliments and the mentions, it all means a lot to me, I take each of them to heart. Sharing these adventures with you is a pleasure. Here’s to a great week, @avare, I’ll see you on the next one. Cheers!

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Always a pleasure making a new mark on the map—thanks for having me!

Damn! Your camera must be so incredibly satisfied as it has feasted on some of the most delicious sites imaginable.

((Takes a moment to question just how cheesy that opening line was... Settles on Gorgonzola, the post does include Italy, right?))

This is a truly amazing digest of some of the most iconic and amazing sites imaginable and so many of them instantly recognisable but to see them in person, wow!!!

I enjoyed your first entry so much I thought I had better check out the second and look for flaws, let-downs and anti-climax, what??? I'm human!

Disappointingly I see the standard is incredibly high again and features so many majestic shots and at least one stunning panorama of probably the most iconic stretch of coastline on the planet.

After reviewing two travel packed posts from The Dan, ((Hmm, The Dan, is that slightly cringey, yeah, perhaps!)) I can now dispel one of the most falsely-perpetuated rumors of our lifetime. All roads in-fact do not lead to Rome, they do in fact lead to Ilkley, who knew???

Awesome post, awesome entry, awesome pics, if I had one criticism it would be the distinct lack of Lisa Stansfield references, but no matter.

I know, I know I still owe you a reply elsewhere but in case ya hadn't noticed, when I start a comment I struggle to stop, but I get there eventually.

Hope you and yours are enjoying the hot and sunny wet, wild and windy, North of England my friend. I am told the air quality where you are is almost unsurpassed, it's about 1.5 hours away from me, I feel your pain at the weather haha. Happy weekend, happy travels.


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@yanhan 小萍萍 迎着暴雨 徒步 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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Nice post ;) - But, what makes you think @steemitworldmap is headed by living? :D

@lizanomadsoul, I was wondering if when we would have the discussion. 😉

Truth be told, he was the very first person who reached out to me from the team several months back, since then he’s been my go-to. It wasn’t until just the last few days, true story, you and I were talking back and forth when I realized I have that wrong—doh!

Is it too late to blame it on autocorrect? I’m not sure who’s behind my aitocoreect sometimes, always making me look like a fool, see that?! They even allowed me to misspell “autocorrect,” this is totally unacceptable. 👍🏿

Thanks for having me @lizanomadsoul, and thanks for keeping an eye on me, I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Hahaha actually @martibis is the Founder of steemitworldmap and the rest of us are the team. Living is a she and not a he and truth be told, lately she is managing the team kind of, so you weren't too wrong. I was just curious why you would think that ;) - or how you would know hehe. @martibis and I are focusing more on haveyoubeenhere app lately and itchy and Choo are curating as well :) - But of course we all have an eye on you and try to support where we can!

I wear a size 10, @lizanomadsoul. Wanna know how I know? Because I can’t quite fit it in my mouth!

I got your account followed now, I’ll make sure I hit you up before I rely on this damn awtukoreect mechanism again.

For the record, I’m a he, I only squat to pee when it’s really, really cold outside!

Oh crap that’s funny! This is one of those times I’m like, “I sure I’m not the only one who laughed at that.”

edit for like the fourth time. I uh.. yeah.. I had to go back and fix that! Thanks for the clarification, it’s a pleasure to be met.