Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest - Rekindling An Old Flame

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Have you heard about this contest yet? What’s better than topless beaches @steemitworldmap and @blocktrades support for your top four travel memories of 2019? 150 #steem in prizes, that’s what—“Put me in, coach!”

Having been in the fortunate position to travel for exactly one year now with one year to go, the stunning @puravidaville and I have been living abroad, in 30 day intervals, experiencing and acclimating to parts of the world typically only experienced at @steemitworldmap. Our #adventure began in Central America and briefly landed us in South America. From there, we traveled to New York City for a little over a week before crossing the Atlantic and landing in England. We’ve since lived in various parts of Europe before staying in Israel for awhile until our most recent location—Rome.

We’re in the UK now, we’ll be here for at least 90 days, this time we’re hoping to experience Scotland and Ireland. Exciting stuff. There’s a popular cliche I can think of to describe it, “once in a lifetime.” Our trick to enjoying and fully appreciating each location is simple—understanding how quickly it can all be taken away.

The following four locations are the first four that come to mind since beginning this adventure though they’ve all been special and certainly memorable. As I’ve written previously, cultural differences are an assimilation in regards to traveling that are not only a lucrative consideration, they’re required. Beyond the adjustments and, once you’ve engulfed yourself in the culture, the experience lasts forever.

On that note, I’d like revisit my top four destinations we’ve lived in since beginning this adventure and tell you why they made the cut. This is my entry to the Haveyoubeenthere Steemitworldmap 2019 Travel Contest beginning with my favorite location to date—Liverpool, England.


“Only in Liverpool 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧.”


Write this down—should you find yourself preparing for a trip to England, your destination airport needs to be Liverpool. I’ve said this before, “I haven’t met a Brit I don’t like” but the people in Liverpool set the bar. I have three more locations to reminisce about with you so I’ll try (yeah, right!) to keep this short.

I honestly believe had John Lennon not been assassinated, Liverpool would be the top destination in England with London a close second. The people there are all about freedom and community, and their appreciation for music is immeasurable compared to anywhere I’ve been. Do add Liverpool to your bucket list, you’ll be glad you did, looking at your significant other talking about “this is what @dandays meant!”





The Last Picture Tour Of Thessaloniki, Greece - Capturing Our Final Moments


Greece. The Greek community is exceptionally kind as well, I can’t say enough good things about them. From giving you free dessert at every.single.restaurant you dine at to their willingness to assist, help, and accommodate otherwise strangers is proof there’s still hope for humanity. Not only are the people remarkable, so is their culture, their history, their community, and their coast line is beautiful.

I miss Thessaloniki. I miss being greeted by the people we’d met the day before—treated as though we’ve known them our whole lives and spending the day riding electric scooters all over town. The daily smells of fresh baked breads and pastries never got old, it’s yet to be matched, and they have some of the nicest street art I’ve seen since we began this adventure. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Greece and find yourself on the receiving end of one, do not pass it up, it’s a regret you’d rather live without.





”Been Around The World And I-Eye-Eye.. I Found The Best Spray Paint”


Israel. As I just mentioned Greece having some of the nicest street art I’ve seen, the reality of it is, my street art picture capturing has all but come to an end because once you visit Tel Aviv, Israel, no other street art compares. I snapped more than 2,000 pictures while in Israel but they’re on the GoPro and the internet connection in Rome was hands down, no comparison, the poorest I’ve ever experienced, rendering transferring images impossible. And that’s not the only reason these four travel memories won’t include Rome, Italy.

The history and biblical significance in Israel is a wOrd I haven’t heard yet used to describe “special.” Biblical significance is the best I can think of. Having experienced and toured as much as we could in the time we were there, I was finally able to achieve something I wanted to do since I was a teenager. What I didn’t expect, however, was the street art—bar none! Before arriving, I read about how it’s some of the best on the planet and how artists, including Banksy, come from all over the world to add their personality to city all the while discrediting what I was reading. Coming from Los Angeles and having seen some of the most extravagant street art, I thought I’d seen it all—I was wrong. There’s so much to take in and see in Israel. Should you find yourself planning a trip there, you need to know one month isn’t enough time, I don’t even think a whole year is.





“Suspended in Air” - A Tour Through Monk Occupied Monasteries in Meteora, Greece


Last but definitely not least—Meteora. What an experience that was! We were told by several of the locals that we need to go to Meteora before we leave Greece. I’m glad we listened. Meteora is a small community of less than 5,000 people where only a handful of monks choose to currently reside. They live atop the steepest rock formations imagineable with only one way in, one way out, in elaborate monasteries made from the boulders they carried up on their backs hundreds of years ago, one by one in backpacks, over several decades time until finally they were complete. The climbing and ascending, itself, way back before the use of common safety equipment and the lack of modern machinery is why they’re a world wonder today.

With only six remaining monasteries from an original 24, post World War II and the destructive nature of A. Hitler, they attract a decent amount of tourism each day. Only four of the six remaining monasteries are open for tourism, the other two are to remain private, and all six are sworn to protection by Greek military. It was raining that day with occasional downpours and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way—the views, the history, and the experience are some of the most memorable we’ve made yet.




Thanks for the opportunity you guys, this contest is a great way to kickoff 2020. A big shout-out to everyone on the #steemitworldmap team: @itchyfeetdonica, @livinguktaiwain, @martibis, @choogirl, and @lizanomadsoul, ya’all know how to run a smooth ship—happy 2020!




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I sure do appreciate you keeping an eye on me @eii. 👍🏿


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Nice recap @dandays, I was surprised you didn't include Costa Rica. 😉

Oh it’s coming my brother. I’m entering this contest twice, it should be released this evening some time—I’m breaking all of the rules by including it. It’s ok, though, I specifically mention how it’s a rule-breaker.

Thanks for checking this one out, @thebigsweed, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I always look forward to what you have to say. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, sir. I’ll catch up with you soon.

I just read your contender, by the way, excellent entry per usual! 👍🏿

@dandays a rule breaker, come on now.😁
So far the weekend is off to a good start, nice and relaxing, just what @farm-mom and I needed. Let's hope it stays that way. You guys are back in England now, and it sounds like you'll be there for a while. That's great, as England was one of your favorite places so far.

I didn't know you've seen so many places. You are very lucky :) I'm glad for you.It is also very good that you are well received by people in the places you go.

Your photos are as unique as ever. I liked the 4th from these 4 places. Very good quality content. I hope you win the competition.

I was able to read your article late because I was ill. Sorry.

@avare, I just saw that you mentioned me on BernieSanders nextgeneration article—I just woke up and this is such a nice way to start my day. I even looked at my wife and told her, I’m in awe man, thank you so much! I’m glad you appreciate what I’m doing around here, with so many talented content producers to mention and you dropped my name, wow! I really am flattered—THANK YOU! <- bigger than that.

More articles to come, I’m pleased to share each of them with you.

I'm so glad you're happy. But you deserve it. Your contents are very high quality. I'm sure everyone thinks like me :) Your welcome, I thank to you. Have a nice day

It’s never too late to receive a response like this. I’m glad you didn’t miss this one, @avare.

Thank you for keeping an eye on me and thank you for resteeming my articles, I’m grateful for your support! This type of appreciation is what keeps me going. It’s my pleasure to share these travels and whatever the heck else is going on inside my head with you.

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You rock, @theluvbug, thank you! Miss @jaynie, a big ol’ smooch. ❤️

You and @puravidaville are so fortunate to travel to all those breath taking places.
It has to feel like a dream come true, you are a lucky man @dandays.

Luckiest Guy I Know, @farm-mom! I’m prepared to have a doctor tell us no more travels, we’ve been through two pieces of red tape already and are to check in tomorrow (Friday) to see if she’s been assigned a Surgeon (that’s what they call ‘Doctors’ here), other wise we’ll be in an office early next week—blood tests, biome test, etc. I’m saying this because I’m prepared.. not suggesting, just preparing, I’d much rather keep it up for another year but I’m prepared to throw in the towel if we learn the mobility is somehow stressing her out and causing her stomach to be out of control.

Thank you for all of your support, @farm-mom, I’m lucky to have met you guys!

Biff! ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Nothing else matters now than getting your lovely pura well again. You will get there I know you will, just stay positive, diligent, and support each other.
Just a tidbit from the farm mom, make love as often as you can, love can heal the body and soul. No kidding, when all else fails, just fall into bed.😀😍😉

I think I just found the slogan for 2020! 👍🏿

“When all else fails, just fall into bed.”

Good advise, don't ya think? And I am Not kidding.@dandays✌ Trust, bond, love.❤ Life is best with your best friend.
Partners forever! 2 is better than 1, live, laugh, love.

Oh man!!!

If I had know it was the @Dandays world-tour and that you were gonna be a mere hour away from me, I'd have begged a royal audience. Glad to hear you are enjoying England my friend and you actually visited the North!!!

People only usually encounter the North when they come from abroad through hushed tales of the mutants and pox-ridden underclass who live there... Uhm... I mean here.

I enjoyed the vicarious stowaway opportunity offered form your post and the amazing pics you shared really set the scene. But crucially, most important of all...

The Lisa Stansfield reference was not wasted and was in fact quite delicious!

As ever, I have used way more words than I intended and doubtless I have confused you beyond any levels any man should ever have to endure.

I have been a little absent from the blockchain of late and wanted to stop-by and wish you and yours a magnificent 2020 from me and mine. May it be filled with fun, friends, fulfillment and more memories of the type you have shared in this very post.😎

Hey, good morning from ‘The North’ @stevenwood! Where it’s currently 7am, freezing cold, and raining! Just because I’m from California where it’s anywhere between 78-82 year-round doesn’t mean I don’t know what freezing is—brrr!

Lisa Stansfield—man, that sure is cool you actually clicked on that link. Thank you, I’m glad you appreciated that. Oh, before I forget, you go right ahead and type type type type type type, sir, I’m not scared. 👍🏿

I’m glad you enjoyed this article, thanks for keeping an eye on me, regardless how much blockchain time you’re spending, I like it when you make an appearance. We’re in Ilkley now, we’ll be here for a month, how far are you from here? The last time we were in UK, we were north, east, south, and west and, between me and you, it’s just us here, right? 🤔 North is where it’s at!

Dude I didn’t know you were English. The people of England are like the ‘72 Dolphins—tough to beat!

Great hearing from you again, don’t be a stranger.

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Good morning @esteemapp. Thanks for keeping an eye on me.

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Thanks for the opportunity @steemitworldmap, this contest is a great idea. I think I have another entry still up sleeve.

You've got some great pictures there and have obviously travelled extensively. Could you narrow down one favourite place from all of your travels, and why?

Good morning from iLkley, England, @galenkp. We’re on day two of medical assistance, we’re already making progress. 👍🏿 Thank you for checking out this article and I appreciate the reply.

Liverpool, England, is the only place we’ve been where we extended our one month stay into two. We’re about a two hour train ride away from there right now but I’m sure we’ll get back there for a visit. The culture there is unbeatable. They’re the type of community who announces their detest for the media loudly and proud and, at the same time, wants the world to know their history in catapulting human slavery and how what a mistake it was. The Beatles are from there and it’s written everywhere you look, drawing more street performers and buskers than anywhere I’ve seen—it’s a concert everywhere you turn to look. We really love Liverpool. That being said, Israel is my most cherished journey yet.

Man, there’s just so much history there. We were able to tour Jericho, see temptation mountain and drink from the spring Jesus drank from when he came down from the mountain. We walked the streets on the Trail of Agony, viewed Jerusalem both inside and from the Mount of Olives. I took over 2k pictures of everything but was unable to transfer them in Rome. The connection here seems better, I should be able to share those experiences with you in the near future. The significance of Israel and the friends we made while we were there, the coast line, and quite a bit more is why I’m putting Liverpool at my second favorite and Israel number 1.

Thank you for asking. Eh, what’s up down there? I see your posts mentioning the fires occasionally and Pura has one of those instabookagram thingys so we see bits and pieces of the fires. She updates me occasionally on the amount of wildlife dying. What’s happening? Is it controlled fires? Are they natural and unable to be contained or?? This is literally my only social media access and I try not do any tv stuff (I get along well in Liverpool) so you’re my guy—do give me an inside assessment, please, what’s up with all of the fires down there? From what I read on here and what she tells me, it’s bad-bad-bad. How bad is it? Is it a personal agenda or no? Thank you in advance.

There's so many interesting place's to visit! I booked flights for Copenhagen and Finland last night...So if you are in either around July this year...Drinks and burgers!

So the fires. Yes, they are terrible out of control wildfires. Over 2,000 houses have been lost, more commercial and rural buildings, infrastructure as well. Thousands and thousands of stock animals and even more wildlife. I think about 10 people are dead. My sisters partner's parents lost their house and everything in it, 3 horses, a cat and countless chickens (are chicken breeders)...5,000 defence force troops have been turned out to assist and they fires still burn. It is a bad situation. The worst fire season on record.

Fires have hit from the west all the way through my state *South Australia), Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales...That's a lot of land. Apparently some 13 million acres have been burned out. The 2018 California fires burned only 2 million.

It's not a good time for us.

Firstly, God bless Australia, I’ll add a prayer for you guys down there and that’s terrible about her partners parents. I was hoping you would correct me—so much for that! It’s even worse than I thought.

Yes, growing up Ca, annual fires are expected but what you’ve described is worse than anything I can remember. Is there any hope in sight?

With a warning like “July,” I can all but put the plan in motion, sir! We haven’t been to Finland yet, sounds like a perfect excuse to add it to our to-do list. Between me and you, it’s just us here right? I’m absolutely prepared to hear a doctor tell us the bouncing around needs to stop and it’s stress that’s messing up Pura. I never would’ve thought it, I’m the guy who would say “what do you have to be stressed about.. you have me!” But the more I learn about this infection and investigating these bodies of ours, some things, like “stress,” are just human nature and something like traveling can do that to people—if we’re told the moving around so much is what’s causing her sickness, I’m pulling the plug. BUT!

Like I said, I’m prepared for that diagnosis, not expecting it. I’d much rather tell you something like this: See you in Finland! She actually has two long-term friends going to Germany in August that she’d really like to go spend time with and Finland is just right up the street. Careful what you wish for, @galenkp! 😉 We’d love to join you and Faith at a table for an evening, to be continued.....

Yes, the country burns still, but we are a resilient bunch and don't let a little thing like a raging wildfire hold us down - That's what makes us Aussies!

So Finland...We'll be in Copenhagen first but Finland for a couple weeks...I think we are arranging a steem meetup with a few of the team up there...My brother @tarazkp lives there with his family as do several other steem-champs and so some burgers and a few drinks are on the agenda. It would be good to see you there.

You guys have to do what's right for Pura of course and if not travelling is the right thing that that's the right thing to do. Who knows, it might happen. I'll probably end up doing a some sort of post putting it out there for a meet up maybe in Copenhagen so let's see how it goes...Everyone is always welcome at my place down here for some home made burgers and a few drinks. :)

Howdy sir dandays! Another fantastic post with images so amazing I fail at finding words to describe them!

My man Janton! Good morning from England, sir. You know your short comments are every bit as pleasant to read as your lengthy ones, right? I always look forward to what you Have to say and when I see a response from you—I get comfortable and make sure there’s no distractions!

Thank you for always being so supportive, I’m glad we met, sir. God bless you @janton, happy Sunday.

Howdy sir dandays! And happy Sunday to you too, I hope it was a good one. You are a blessing to Steemit, that's for sure. lol.

Well, buddy...good luck with your entry; you deserve the win.

I recall many of these photos, and can attest to the fact that you and Pura have really been to these places, since I've been following your exploits for about twenty years or so here on Steemit :>)


Has it been that long already? Seems like just yesterday we were changing the batteries in our pagers. Man, where has the time gone?

Thanks a lot for keeping an eye on us, @angryman. Easy on those absences, huh.. the last 5 years seemed like forever without you around.

Next time those Greys arrive in my backyard, I'll resist the abduction more forcefully...

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