Photetry - What it Looked Like Today in ilkley, UK, Tell’em Frank! “I Did it My Way”

in #outofthinairlast year (edited)

I like to switch my material around and keep my content fresh, it increases probability of exiting the article wondering what I’ll do next. For example, I’m taking you on a tour today but this time I’m adding a twist. I’ll describe what it looked like outside and attach pictures but I’ll do it while rhyming these sentences.
#photetry (cross between photography and poetry)

I like to try to stay in good physical shape, so I enroll in a new gym at each location. Not to mention, it assists my wife’s inability to keep her hands off me, that’s plenty of motivation. On my way back to the Air B&B stay today the sun was out, in England, that’s a rare instance. I veered away from my normal footpath of #travel when I spotted an old church in the distance.

The cover image is from the back, the second is the front with a clock on the stack, minus the glare. The third is a view from the edge of the grounds, until now I wasn’t aware there’s a river down there.




There’s a row of ducks lined up on the waters edge, you know it’s freezing cold when even the ducks won’t get wet. There’s a tunnel on the footpath leading under the road, I went through to other side to see where it goes.

The first thing that caught my eye was in the sky, I should’ve known. Chem trails flying high, they remind me of home. I got a closer picture of the river and wrote down a few thoughts, across the way I saw a family of four enjoying the day, the two little ones were skipping rocks.








I walked along the path listening to rushing water as it passed on my right is a cemetery I wasn’t expecting that. I hope they don’t mind I snapped some pictures, some have been there forever, I didn’t stay long and continued on the adventure in the dropping temperature.




A flock of seagulls across the way were flying around in search of lunch for the day, I saw a pair of gentlemen with fishing poles and waders doing the same thing. I crossed a suspension bridge to the other side there’s another trail in the sky, as soon as I exited to my right, a husband and wife passed by riding bikes.







I’m en route back toward the stay now before the sun goes down, I saw trash on natures ground, if you carry it in you should carry it out. I saw several couples walking their dog and I don’t know who the guilty culprit is but, eh! :attention:

Dog owners—no one wants to step in it, pick up Fido’s Sh.....






I saw some kids playing at a skate park, I need to get back before it gets dark, it’s freezing, they’re obviously more acclimated to these degrees than me. I walked farther still hearing the sound of rushing water, I see a ramp leading back to the street. My hands are froze and I keep mayking typeohs, I can hardly feel my feet.

When I got to the top the sound of rushing water stopped and I was back in the community. We’re staying just around the corner from here I can’t wait to thaw out in the heat, maybe it’s just me, “guilty!” I’m from California where anything below 70 is freezing.






Photetry - What it Looked Like Today in ilkley, UK, Tell’em Frank!


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Dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs...Grr...Makes me mad. Other than dog shit dodging it all looks pretty nice.

Hey, good morning @galenkp, it’s always nice to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk.

Oh man!! I’m a dog owner myself, I haven’t had one for a little bit now, I’ve always had German shepherds, I’ve been planning my next chess move for a few years now—next phase is to breed my own line of German shepherds. I’m telling you this because I know how easy it is to clean up after your dog!

Sure, in the middle of nowhere, it happens. But if you’re walking your dog, something you planned, you plan on going to the walking trails and you do things such as brings a leash.. just bring a plastic bag or ‘something!’ The same ones you carried your groceries in work just fine even for the big dogs. 😉

Thank you for commenting, sir! Let’s do this again, soon. Enjoy the rest of your day.

You want to breed dogs huh? That's cool. We had a couple German Shepherds, big ones. One of them, called Sabre, was a monster. Was a good dog though.

We have cats now.

I guess for you, liking to travel so much it might limit how much, or when, you can get away? I'm not sure, just surmising. Anyways, I'm sure you've got it worked out.

I hope all is on track up your way.

Oh man I just love them! And you nailed it, that’s why we’re doing this traveliving now, sir, we gave ourselves two years—one down, one to go. There’s no way we can do this once we get to the next step. I think you’re in for another long one @galenkp (again).

So, we’re enjoying this opportunity and loving every minute of it but I’m not gonna lie man, the closer we get to that next step, the one where our property is actually a training facility, the more excited and anxious I am. I’ve been planning this move since 2014, can you believe that?? How’s this? I met the female breeder about four years ago, already know where I’m getting her, they’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The reason we crossed the Atlantic is because we need to go spend as much time as it takes in Germany and find the ‘right’ breeder (saving that part for last), I have very specific guidelines, cuz my male is going to be from Germany.

First I had exit the work world, so I made a 20 year plan and I was able to complete it. Now I need to get this traveliving out of my system and see what’s meant to be seen over this two year period, 1/2 way there man! 👍🏿

I’m actually to the point now where I’ve been searching out properties back in the states just to keep an eye on what things are going for. I’m really excited, can you tell? I’ve been planning this move for a long time.

Glad we “met” @galenkp. Got a picture of Sabre?

I liked the way you handled the (narration?) with this one @dandays, and enjoyed viewing the photos as well.

You said that you "had trouble feeling your feet"... Maybe you should include more stretching in your workouts at the gym to get limber enough to bend that far?

Don't *feel bad though my friend...most people can't even bend far enough to touch their toes :>)

Ha! I’m waiting outside Pura’s doctor appointment right now, @angryman and, once again, you made me laugh out loud—you’re pretty good at doing that.

You know, it was that response I wrote to you the other day that inspired the ’narration’ to this one. Thanks for that, too! About the feet stretches thingys, you think maybe we should invent some type of toe curling bar? 🤔

Always a pleasure to hear from you sir, thank you for dropping me a line.

About the feet stretches thingys, you think maybe we should invent some type of toe curling bar?

It's probably too late now that you wondered out loud on the Blockchain...Somebody is submitting a patent for a 'Toe Curling Bar' right now I'd bet!?!?!?

Nice photography and poetry. Thanks for sharing! 😊

My pleasure @trincowski, thanks for checking this one out and I appreciate you dropping a comment. Happy hump day to you, sir. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

Thanks to so many photos and explanations i felt as travelling with you :)

The photos are so quality. Congratulations. Also how cool it was when there was the sun. Unfortunately i dont like cold places but it looks so beautiful. Thanks

Hey @avare, it’s my pleasure. Very nice to hear from you again, thanks for keeping an eye on me! And thank you kindly for the Resteem, I really appreciate that.

As far as not being a fan of frigid temperatures, that makes two of us! Man it’s so frikkin cold here! This was not the plan actually, my wife and I ‘planned’ (there’s that wOrd again) on staying a little more south for the winter months with places like Croatia and Morocco on our radar. Well, then she got sick and we needed medical attention so we had to come back to UK—brrrr. On that note, however, we’re progressing nicely and actually are getting her blood drawn today, had a few other tests already, and have a return appointment scheduled in about three weeks. The sooner we get this illness figured out the sooner we can get to warmer weather!

Thank you for always being so supportive, @avare, it’s what keeps me doing this. Have a great day.

I just saw you resteemed this one—thank you bigger than THIS.

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@jjprac jjprac 迎着飓风 徒步 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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What a cool area for a walk, I have visited England a few times and I have been lucky I have had nice weather most times I visited there, although my wife ( who is from there) and here family tell me that is the exception and not the rule

I love your idea of photetry what a great post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I just responded to your other one but one thing I’m not is bashful when it comes to a keyboard. 👍🏿

I’m glad you were able to include me, it would’ve been quite alright otherwise, I just wanted to make sure you knew I fully intended to support your cause on this one and then dropped the ball in the end. I’m glad you don’t mind the way I reached out to you.

About the cold—my goodness! It’s the wind man, holy cow. As soon as you’re facing it in this sub teen weather and you’re not used to it, it’s frikkin cold! The people around here are a buncha Eskimo’s!

Happy hump day, Jay! Thanks for running a cool initiative, it inspires people to get outside and snap some shots.

Of course I do not mind you reaching out for me, I do not have rules for the Wednesday walk, just some guidelines, and if I was to have rules it would be, get out for a walk and have fun :)

Ohh yeah I know what you mean about the wind, in NYC it doesnt seem to matter which way you are walking the wind always seems to be in your face.

Ooh wee, I’ve heard it gets cold there! I’ve been to New York twice, both times was actually in the summer months, once in June and some years later July. Much more my style. I’ve seen pictures—even those make me want to put on a sweater!

We didn’t plan on England right now, this wasn’t the ‘plan.’ <—that’s a funny wOrd. We intended on being much more south of here for the summer months with places like Croatia and Morocco on our radar, see, we’re right in the middle of a two year traveliving (I made that word up myself) experience. Well, then my wife got sick and she’s a U.K. citizen so we had to come to here to get her all fixed up. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope they straighten her out in the next month or so so we can get the hump outta here! Dude, we were in the nice and sunny, blue sky having Greece when she got sick—Danget! Not only that, it’s cheap to live there too! Danget, again.

Ps—this is what I meant about not bashful when it comes to responding. Are you from NYC or just living there? If not, where from, where’d you grow up? I’m from Long Beach, Ca—Los Angeles County.

Ohh yeah I enjoy the city so much more inthe warmer months myself

I hope your wife is feeling better soon, My wife is also from the UK, and I myself are from New Zealand but have been working inthe states for close to 20 years now and am applying to stay after I retire.
Greece is a beautiful country for sure I spend a long weekend there and have been fortunate to travel a lot over the years been to over 60 countries including Croatia and Morocco


Oh, nice! I got a new dude to lean on then if when I have questions. How long ago were you in Morocco? We’ve been staying at each location in 30 day intervals, we really get a feel for the culture and community at that point. We’ve done a few stays for 10 days or less but those just seem to turn out to be ‘vacation’ type stays when it’s all said and done so we’ve since decided against doing that. Living, cooking, getting to know the surroundings, we’ve learned that doing that at 1 month at a time really gets you aware whether or not you love it or refuse to return! Ha!! Man I couldn’t be more serious about that.

I ask about Morocco because we’ve heard mixed feelings lately. Some say nice, some say not so welcoming toward women. Got an opinion on that? Thanks @tattoodjay. What about Germany? Have you been there, if so, how long?

Thank you kindly for the well wishes, sir! Your wife being from here, you guys are plenty aware of the medical services they provide—quality! We’re ready to get this thing figured out and get the heck outta the cold.

I only spent a couple of days in Morocco on my way in and out of Western Sahara so didn't see as much of it as I would have liked, a lot of my travels were work related, some places I just spent a week or two some a few months and some a few years, I think your way of travelling is really ideal to really get the feel of a place and its culture

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Wow! Coolest thing I’ve read all day! Thank you bigger than THIS @steemium!

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Two in one day! The Luckiest Guy I Know Right Here!