Sight Unseen - Unveiling Rome, Italy

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During our recent 30 day stay in Rome, I was able to document and share a total of seven Roman travel articles with you, welcome to the eighth and final one—the Rome nobody talks about. The cover image was taken at a convenience store in Italy, they sell those carnival masks everywhere, ranging in sizes from everything to a keychain to something suitable for an elephant. There was a boutique around the corner from Pantheon that sells nothing but masks with thousands to choose from priced anywhere between five and 5,000 Euro.

I was able to show you The Vatican, both outside and around St. Peter’s Basilica, picturing everything from Michaelangelo’s infamous painted ceilings to the priceless sculptures mounted up and down the 120’ tall walls supporting the gold plated ceilings with a gold stock valued at $50 million dollars (a statement issued in 2013). The Vatican is only one of 900 churches lining the streets of Rome with nearly triple that in all of Italy, we toured several, each of them are decorated with an inspiring collection of priceless paintings, precious metals, and one of a kind sculptures.

Spending 30 days in Rome isn’t adequate time to experience all 900 but I featured a decent amount them here including some of the most iconic structures dating back thousands of years that draw more tourism annually than anywhere else in the world. Along with churches and historic monuments are the countless number of fountains and statues everywhere you turn to look, it’s undoubtedly the most decorated city we’ve toured since beginning this journey one year ago. With so much #history and anticipated architecture, the epidemic lying on the city streets seem to be overshadowed and swept under the mosaic.

People travel from all over the world to visit Rome and experience everything the city has to offer—it’s engulfed in beauty. However, there isn’t a museum, library, train station, church, nothing that isn’t littered with offerte stations—especially the churches. They have offerte’s (offering’s) placed about every 5-10 feet inside those elaborate, highly anticipated, priceless art covered churches. There’s three offerte’s per one candle station and they’re in multiple languages, too, look at art—offerte. Thumb through a brochure—offerte. Sit down—offerte. Touch a bible—offerte. Exit door—offerte. They even have offerte’s positioned at the entrances to public toilets inside those churches. You’re expected to donate money just to wash your hands and, according to @puravidaville, the women’s toilets don’t even have toilet seats. I took each of the following pictures in one church. While people were taking pictures, pointing in awe and captivated by the gorgeous art on display, praying, and experiencing this one church in particular, I don’t remember which one it was now, I took pictures of the offerte stations.



The majority of them are worn out in the center from collecting so many offerings, even the brass ones are worn out. I’m not against donating to your religion or any cause of your choice, in fact, I think it’s admirable—that’s not what this is about. I have no authority to judge. But if you look a little closer, there’s a lot more going on in Rome than just known tourist attractions.




They’re resting on the steps of those elaborate churches with $50 million dollar ceilings, what everyone steps over so they can get inside, what they ignore, what they walk around and pay no attention to so they can pay an offerte station—literally on the steps. They’re leaning against the statues and monuments, drinking water from the city fountains, and living under fancy light fixtures—even the broken ones.




The first couple of photos you’ve already seen, you likely missed it the first time, I’ll show you again—the Rome nobody talks about. The previous seven Roman articles I released, including Pantheon, the one I dubbed ‘selfie center’ because of the amount of people taking selfies didn’t offend anybody. The most recent one was titled People Photography Of Rome, Italy, “people photography” is in the title and that didn’t offend you either.

What I’m getting at is, if I can picture random shots of both suspecting and unsuspecting pedestrians, military personnel, street performers, and buskers without offending anyone, then none of the following photos should offend anyone either—they’re people. There’s a side of Rome nobody talks about. They’re everywhere and, I’m from Los Angeles, a city famous for numerous reasons including skid row but there’s worse “skid row’s” out there, this one’s in Rome. I don’t think enough people are talking about it—I think they prefer to hide behind carnival masks.

Sight Unseen - Unveiling Rome, Italy


















































Some beautiful sights you saw in Rome but also many sad ones! It looks like there's more homelessness there or it may just be that our city fathers try very hard to keep up appearances and that may be why we don't see that many homeless people on the streets nowadays! Thanks for taking us along to Rome;)

You’re very welcome, @lizelle. Thank you for following along. I’d never heard of a homeless problem in Rome, I was surprised to see it. It’s everywhere. The more we move around the more apparent it is everywhere we go. Rome, in particular, was the worst so far. And it’s freezing there! We’d see the people sleeping in the rain in frigid temperatures. God bless them.

Thanks for stopping by Lily, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

Here in South Africa many homeless people find their way to Durban in winter as we have a mild climate but I often think of them especially on a wet cold night, how much worse it must be in colder climates! Sad that people get to that in their lives - once a beautiful innocent baby and having to end up like that just boggles the mind!

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It is a great travel article. It is also nice to present quality photos with rich expression. I am sorry for the people in last photos :( Thank you for very high quality content. Congratulations $trdo

Hey, @avare, how’s it going? Happy Friday. I haven’t heard from you for a minute, nice to hear from you again. I’m glad you enjoyed this one and thank you for the nice comment. Thank you kindly for the Resteem, too, I really appreciate the support you’ve shown me.

Enjoy what’s left of the week and have a great weekend, we’ll do this again soon.

Thank you very much @dandays . I missed you so much. You were always on my mind. I was very happy to read your article and comment you. Have a nice weekend

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Very cool article and photos. It's really an absurdity how the Catholic Church display all that richness, while they preach the total contrary for their adepts. 🤫

Hey what’s up @trincowski? Thanks for checking this one out, I appreciate it and thanks for dropping me a line. Dude, I tried to write this from an unbiased standpoint but it was difficult—I couldn’t agree with you more. Absurdity—good choice of words, Pura and I were referring to it as grotesque and shameful, yours has more class.

Hey man, the one shot that was really blurry, that’s literally the steps of The Vatican, less than 10 feet from the entrance doors. Yes’ir, Vatican City, itself, where all of that wealth is, I got that shot as we exited the self indulgence plagued holiest of holy places on Earth.

Each church, sir, they’re all covered in priceless jewels, metals, art and, each of them have a crisis on their steps. I passed by a woman one night at one of them and didn’t have any change on me, as I walked around the corner there was a fruit stand. I grabbed some bananas and an apple, we went back to give it to her not even two minutes later and, just as I got to her, two nuns were ushering her away from the venue—true story. I made sure to hand her the fruit right in front of them. She was so thankful. I made sure they heard me say “God bless you” too.

Always a pleasure to hear from @trincowski, enjoy the rest of your day and have a nice weekend.

I know. I was there, once. Me and my brother were denied entry and had to come back the next day because we were on beach shorts! 🤣

The church and all organized religions are blights on humanity, imo

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Oh crap!! @steemitworldmap, @choogirl, thank you so much for this feature. I worked really hard on orchestrating that article and those pictures were taken over a 30 day period, this acknowledgment really means a lot to me—to feature me amongst so many talented authors is an honor.

Wow. Nice. Yeah, your post is very touching so well done.

What's happening my friend. Really enjoyed this article. There are always two sides to every coin and the two sides to this coin could not be any more apparent.
We have been doing a lot of traveling as we jump from one place to the next. May not have responded lately, but Robin has been reading your blogs aloud as we are driving. As usually, your posts are entertaining as ever.
" At first you were hard to swallow. " That line and just picturing the scene in my head still has me laughing out loud.
We're headed to Fort Meyers this Saturday and will be there for a couple of weeks. Jumping around and seeing so much in such a short period of time has been a ball, but it will be nice to hang our hats at one location for a couple of weeks. @dandays, I hope everything is going great for you and Pura.
Stay safe and keep on writing, your blogs are a pleasure to read, informative, thought provoking, inspirational and they always provide a couple of really good laughs.

If you’re gonna continue to drop me such kind messages then, danget, let Robin drive!! It’s been too long. 😉

Eh, traveling is tiring isn’t it? From a plane to a car to a sight to a car to a room to a sight, it’s not until you do that for a week or so it catches up to you but when does.. ooh wee! Who woulda thunk?! That stuff is exhausting. Typically, when we arrive at a new location, having spent a month at the previous, we end up doing a whole bunch of nothing for about three days.

We’re on the road to good health, making progress, sir, thank you kindly for the continued well wishes. The way I see it, we should be up and running in no more than two months. Blood test results are in and biome test results should be in by mid next week. We know something’s wrong so as soon as the doc ‘sees’ it, they’ll do whatever they have to do to fix it and we can get the hump outta this freezing azz country! It’s sofa king cold here, Bob. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “this is a mild winter, you must’ve brought that California weather with you” and, of that’s the truth, my God!!! I’m so thankful cuz I don’t think I could handle many less degrees.

Thank you for checking out this article, in the midst of traveling you manage to find time to keep an eye on me and the part about reading aloud my articles while driving is about as flattering of a comment as I’ve ever received. I hope you know how thankful I am to hear that—it’s a pleasure to be your friend, sir. “You were a little hard to swallow,” dude... you can’t make this stuff up! You and I both know there’s about 300 people who are still telling that story!

Quickly. I told Robin I cashed out the Steem you sent, as well as @idig sent, plus the value of those four articles of mine I donated. It totalled $46 by the time I took a 50% cut in curation rewards and exchanging it from Steem to BTC to USD and, if you remember, I said I’d match the USD so I ended up bumping it to $100 total. I did that two days ago and have yet to hear back from my buddy, all I need now is his PayPal ‘or something’ address and I’ll fire it over to him. I know you’re not concerned but I documented the process just so you and Jon (idig) can see it made it to his pocket. Also, he wrote me a message expressing his gratitude, I’ll show that to you, too.

Much love from England, @thebigsweed, I haven’t missed you at all, can you tell? God bless you guys in your travels, don’t forget to smell the roses and we’ll talk again soon. Dude, my autocorrect just had “repairs” instead of “roses,” don’t know if I should be sharing that with you or not?? 🤔

Good news concerning Pura, before you know it she will be running circles around you, you better rest up now.
Where are you guys headed next, warmer climate I would guess.

Good to here from you.
Pura must be feeling somewhat better as I just saw that she has an entry in this weeks #fff.
Dam, the competition is rough enough without her back in the game. 😊

We've been in Sarasota, Florida for the past few days and have seen both Robin's sister and best friend Kathy. They're complaining about the cold temps which are in the high fifties, while I'm sitting around in my typical white undershirt enjoying the mild temps.
The day we left home the temps were in the single digits, making the 55 to 72 degree temps feel like I'm in a tropical zone.

Man I’d do anything just for 50! Yes’ir we’re headed for Warmer temps—I’m a sissy! Thinking Croatia or Morocco. I’m the owner of a -40 F rated jacket and I’m not proud of that, @thebigsweed! Lol. I saw you caught that steemitworldmap article I put together. You like the way I even used Florida as an example? :hint: :hint:

The competition is tough dude! That prize money really brought the heat—ooh wee! Wanna know a secret? It’s just us here, yeah? Now that I don’t have to..... never mind! Now that we’re back to makin a mess the way we used to, I’m entering again tonight, I’m actually taking a break from putting my contender together to write this response

Dude. It’s from the cooking class we took in Italy—you’re gonna love it!

So nice of you to keep tabs on us, sir, know that we think about you guys all the time and know that I envy @jlsplatts more than anyone on this platform!! You what that mufu...‘ er did?! He sent me a picture of him pouring syrup into his coffee. Yeah, with a ish eatin grin on his face! You’ll never guess what syrup I’m talking about.

Hey, while I have you. I just messaged you and Jon in the foodfight discord. I sent that cash off about an hour ago and want to show you guys but I don’t want to put it on the blockchain. Hop in the #fff discord server, general chat, when you get a chance. See you on discord, sweed.

Any time you want to get ahold of me, you can go there and just tag @dandays on food fight and I’ll get it. We have a lot of fun there dude, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Hey if you are close to or will be close to Atlanta, give me a holler. I would love to meet you and Robin @thebigsweed

Will keep that in mind @jerrytsusser, We will be in Florida for the next 5 weeks enjoying the warm weather.
Good to hear from you, we hope all is well!

Very cool, Contact me in Discord DM, I'm tsuseer#3994 and we can swap phone numbers if you like

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I agree with @lizelle, some great images, but then all the homeless!
I had no idea it was like that there, as it is here in Atlanta Ga.
This is so sad. But your post was great, with a LOT of
Detailed information. You got my upvote

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