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RE: The Italian Way - Authenticity From A Private Kitchen in Italy #fff #80

Ooh what an utterly authentic way to learn to cook traditional Italian cuisine. I am incredibly envious.

((Even if your pasta was dry - Hey don't blame me - blame Pura, right? ))

although I must confess I made some incredibly fantabulous onion bhajis yesterday that I learnt from a similar traditional sauce source... YouTube!!!

There is something amazingly cathartic about cooking great food from scratch ((even when the food isn't that grate great!)) Now don't misunderstand, I didn't say relaxing, I have massive issues with the timings when I cook several meal components at once, I always burn/scald/cut/ myself and get stressed when things don't go exactly to plan.


In the end you have something that you created when of-course it would have been so much easier to grab something "convenient" albeit usually nutritionally bereft and akin in texture to cardboard, polythene or drywall.

Oh man, when those fresh herbs and spices infuse and hit the oh-so appreciative nostrils you know it was entirely worth it!

Good to see ya inducting a little culinary culture to the platform Mr Rigatonio Dan, I can confirm that this dish would neither make one slim nor shady ((and the award for 2020's most tenuous link so far goes to...))

I hope my fellow countrymen have left a positive and indelibly happy collection of memories for you to take back to the sun. I don't think you've left quite yet? If not, I wish you all a safe, relaxing journey.

Take great care, speak soon, in the comments section of-course, I didn't stalk you till I found your number, that would be wrong ((or so my probation officer now tells me!!!))

I feel compelled to do two things before I sign-off and submit this comment to our quality and auditing department's pre-posting section.

Number One I should point out that yes I do realise that onion bhaji is not traditional Italian culinary fair.

Number two, I feel I should impart some great wisdom, philosophical musing or inspirational quote in order to artificially inflate my ego and make myself seem "academic" or learned in some quite fictional manner. So here goes...

Dog owners—no one wants to step in it, pick up Fido’s Sh.....
Plato-650,000 B.C