Heard on the trails in Los Angleles

in #overheardinla4 years ago (edited)


I forgot to post what we overheard (and oversmelled) on the trail on saturday. All I can say is so LA!


Man and woman in their early 20s: “Are you going to give me aaaaaaa riiiiiiing?” (Needless to say, he looked pretty freaked out.)

Two women in their late 20s: “You do what what you gotta do to live here... and a lot of cocaine.

(There was also one that sounded really strange but I found out it’s the plot to Get Out. No spoilers here.)


3 sorority girls sporting their USC wear reeked of VIctoria’s Secret Summer Crush perfume (my teenage daughter knew from camp). About 10 feet behind them were 4 dudes with the scent of weed wafting off of them. Yep... so LA.


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