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You'll never guess what I heard on the radio the other day

That Jeremy Vine bloke - what a nob - did a whole 1 hour phone-in session on the merits (or lack there of) of toilet brushes.

Along with expert speakers on the subject.


What has the world come to I ask you?

Toilet brushes!!

Should we use them? Should we not use them?

How should we use them? Are there alternatives?

How do you feel when you visit a house that is not equipped with one!?

It's exactly this kind of insanity that makes me reach for an extra jaffa cake with my cup of tea...

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What is Over the Garden Fence?

Sometimes I feel like posting a bit of chitter chatter. You know, just a few of my thoughts. Stuff that doesn't necessarily constitute a full blown post, but I fancy blogging about it anyway.

That's where Over the Garden Fence comes in.

These posts are gonna be my natter posts. Short and sweet. Quickies if you will. Here for you if you've only got 5 seconds to spare. :)

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And on next week's show, Jeremy Vine will be discussing the merits of using plastic furniture covers, featuring our resident expert, Mabel :/

It's actually kinda heartwarming to see that vacuous radio babble still has a place in U.K culture ;)


Yes, yes it does. Same as it ever was...!

Well, I'm sure my dear old Nana's tuning in from the heavens above, offering pearls of wisdom through her celestial radio ;)

Haha! That's funny - I grew up in down south in Worthing - where something like 80% of residents are retired. Actually that might be an exaggeration. Either way, the world championship bowls are held there haha!

And it seems like every other bloomin' caller on that show is from Worthing!

Damn, I know far too much about that show for my own good. Must get out more!

Worthing ehh? .. Isn't that also the home of the tiddlywinks and conkers World Champions? ;)

btw - My aforementioned Gran spent her retirement in

Ahaha! I don't know... that sounds like it could be true! And Chichester!! Small world! That explains it :D

Hey, I just remembered.... are you getting any respite from that naughty ulcer?

Turned out..after 4 doctors..and an ultrasound..that it was a gallbladder infection :/ On the mend now - 87.5% better.

Thanks for asking :) Ready to 'Full Steem Ahead!' again

Oh wow!! Gosh, what a pain that it took that long to diagnose - but really good now that it has been and you're getting better. Yay!

During a slow news day, any news is better than fake news, I guess. Although, at the top of my head, I could list 1000 different topics that would've made better use of that 1 hour. Being top 1001 in that list isn't all that bad, with all things considered. It could've been worse, I mean, it could've been a discussion about genital dye.

HAHAHA!!! Yikes.... the mind boggles...!

It's time you switch to Radio 4

Ye gods has it come to this....?

where are you @johleen are you alive?! :)

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Hey there, sorry it's taken me this long to check in on you. Getting the winter business started, this time of year is hectic. But now that I have some free time--I hope your absence is because you're out having fun and that nothing whatsoever is wrong.
I liked this idea by the way, sounds like fun :)

Hi @dreemit. Like you, I've been wondering what's happened to Johleen lately. She usually doesn't stay this long without posting and her Wallet activity is strange. Have you heard from her at all?

Oh wow, I see it's powering down...?? That is very odd, I have a hard time imagining that she would simply leave without any warning or telling anyone. No, I haven't heard from here :(

Yeah same. She seems to be on discord but isn't answering messages there either.... Hhhmmmm this doesn't look good.

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@johleen where have you gone? We were talking about another steemit meet up and got talking about you. I said to @wrongjohn that I had not seen any posts from you in quite some time. miss our sunday selfies haha.

Where did you go ?

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