The Ravencoin X16R ASIC Miner | Owminer Review | The Dark Side of Crypto Mining

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Did you hear about the Ravencoin ASIC miners dominating the RVN network but never had an opportunity to purchase this, once, profitable mining rig? Yeah.. Me too.. Lets review the Owminer, which is now an expensive ASIC mining paperweight!

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Ravencoin originally launched as an exciting GPU mineable cryptocurrency, and in retrospect was incredibly profitable. The early miners of Ravencoin made thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, however, profits continued to decrease over time even though the Ravencoin price has done relatively well. Profits decreased for GPU miners because FPGA miners entered the X16R Ravencoin network, and then ASIC miners also entered the X16R RVN network. These miners are more centralized and specialized than GPU miners, and thus made GPU mining Ravencoin not profitable or worthwhile. Ravencoin has recently switched or "forked" to the X16RV2 mining algorithm to temporarily solve the ASIC miners. Anyway, lets review this weird myserious Owminer Ow Miner which is the only secret x16r Ravencoin RVN miner to come to light!

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