Been away for 2 weeks,,, don't mind me ;)

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Hello Steemers!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been on a let's call it vacation.

Baby-sitting a dog in a little piece of paradise.

I decided to forget about Steemit for a couple of days, enjoy the nature,,,,

,,, but of course I set myself up with an outdoor office so I can trade the booming markets and I have to say there is no better feeling then working outdoors.

One of the advantages would be that you can pause any time and go have a few fresh strawberries.

... or cherries if you don't like strawberries.

With this beautiful pictures now shared with the whole world of Steemit, you can expect me to start posting the market analysis once again :)
The markets are healthy and most trading very volatile, I hope everyone will have a great summer and rise their stash of cryptos to a new level!

Kind regards, OZ


Very beautiful..
I like photos ..
Beautiful scenery .. the beauty of nature created by God Almighty so we always take advantage of the creature .. because everything he created is not in vain or just coincidence .. behind it all there is a lesson for people who want to think..

I agree! I'd love to visit there

thank you very much..

O pa to si ti! Hello there! :)
Just filled myself with cherries :D

That looks like an amazing place to do your trading from ;) I'm jealous of you right now!

Thanks and look forward to your next posts. Nature is the best thing for everyone and the more time we spend in it the more time we get the benefits, if we open and allow it, of natures wisdom!

That does look like a little piece of paradise - to be able to pick fresh fruit to eat is lovely too. Good luck on the trading. I have tried trading before and I did actually make money but perhaps I was lucky because I felt like I didn't know what I was doing and I wasn't getting to much enjoyment from it. For me I decided just to buy and hold cryptos.

That is what I do. Less stress for me.

It is great to have you back!
Amazing photos by the way.

That place looks amazing! Being able to work where you want is truly one of the best things :)

Welcome back from holiday
It looks like you had a great time
I wish I d have a cherry tree in my backyard and strawberies too
Have a lovely time
I am your new follower
Best Regards

Welcome back !

Always good as you can take a few days to clear your mind and come back renewed, congratulations on the beautiful images you have captured, I am passionate about nature.
Thank you very much dear friend @ozchartart for these beautiful images
Have a beautiful Sunday surrounded by family and friends

Good post

Zagorje? :D

This is the way we supposed to live our lives! Everything else is not worth it!!!

loving those greens!

Wow lucky you.

I miss being in such a great nature, all i have seen this couple of months is concrete, cars and objects.

I hope you had a great vacation.

That looks so peaceful , enjoy

Damn I'm really jealous. One day

Such a great post!

Damnn! Trading outdoors with the nature by your side! Thats my favourite way to start mondays! Away with them mondays blues.
WB buddy!

Living life ♥

i wanted to not mind you Oz but I guess it works the other way around
dog sitting in paradise while trading huh
what a life :)

Serenity! I love the cherries! I should get some, yummie!

Welcome back mate :)

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After so many project steem porn site coming soon

looks like a good place for some recharging

I'll go with cherries ... ;)
Thank you for sharing and a big thumbs up from my side

Hope you recharged your batteries! :) Have fun @lavitaebella

Great pictures! Keep it up :)

Of course very fun it's a friend

Beautiful pic :0) amazing upvoted and follow

its never too late to say that you must have enjoyed your vacations along with your family. Vacations are impotent for the healthy life. Its good to hear your comments after your vacations. Lets keep it in touch

Nice photos you have going there...
Am pretty much sure you enjoed the fresh air out there

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Beautiful photos! I love cherries, one of my favorite fruit

Upvoted and thanks for sharing.

Very fun to spend vacation time in the atmosphere of the mountains, can refresh the spasm of the nerves and reflect the body with nature that brings full of peace, let alone in a cup of hot coffee by looking at the scene .. how your opinion @yoes