How To Experience Pain.

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That's a short one.

Because the way you experience pain is pretty simple.

Here's how it goes.


Redbeard's Brain-Dead Simple Method On Experiencing Pain And Using It As Fuel To Create

Unless you are dead, you have experienced negative emotions.

Most people usually hover above "OK". They don't really feel all that much in their day to day lives.

Their spectrum is quite limited and that's apparent from the way they speak, think and live. There are no inflections.

It's not that they don't have the capacity to explore the colours that is the human psyche. They CHOOSE to ignore, bury and numb those negative feelings that are crucial to develop their emotional palette.

If everything you feel is "OK", then you shouldn't expect to experience the highs.

Fortunately for you, life will give you PLENTY (and oh boy, I mean A FUCKING LOT) of opportunities to sit down and UGGHH, get that shit in you.

Now, here's what I want you to do for me. Next time something really deep and powerful and scary comes up inside you, STOP.

Don't grab your phone, don't put on music, don't have sex, don't go out and get wasted. Stay there and let it be. Cry, scream or whatever, but let it exist in your for a moment.

And get ready for a rush of joy and then again down the rabbit hole.

Listen to me. This is the trick I am telling you. After that first initial moment of complete acceptance, you need to forget all about the situation that's causing you those feelings.

You need to distant yourself from the cluster of fucked-up shit that's coming your way.

Why you may ask...

Well, because you will revisit them the next day! That's right, your pain is a place that you will intentionally visit and analyze.

You heard that right pretty boy.

Your hands are going to ge dirty and your pretty face will be carved by the relentless force of true, real life.

Fuck a fairy-tale mindset. You go head on and eat everything on your way. Capiche?


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This is good, like really good. I touched on the subject of pain last week and @islanderman commented on it being potentially a good tool to use in art, and this piece of yours makes me think more about that. I think there is more to be learned by surrendering for the pain, and not trying to run away from it.

It's not really newsworthy. Only the last 50 years or so we were taught that negative emotions are bad for you and the only way to alleviate the situation is by talking (and not creating).

If you are an Artist you owe it to the world to create. But instead we have feminine men who just blab about how they feel.

I have found progress by doing, what I learned to describe as Shadow Work. Which means facing, analyzing, and ultimately understanding the why of negative emotions, negative behavior on my part, and negative situations I get caught up in by making errant choices.
Some times it's hard to face the fact that your experience negativity because of choices you made, but taking responsibility for your actions is the only way to move forward and learn...

I wish you all, good things, but I also hope you'll find character in overcoming the negative.
In Light and Love
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

Thank you Scott.

Ultimately, that has been the underpinning of this blog. Facing the (Jungian) Shadow. Embracing and integrating it!

Have a good one.

respect on the post @redbeardguy

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Pain is only weakness leaving the body! It’s okay to feel pained whether it be physical or emotional pain. But once the pain is gone don’t ever go back to what hurt you!

Nah, you NEED to go back. And properly face the pain and destroy it.

Nah, you NEED to go
Back. And properly face the
Pain and destroy it.

                 - redbeardguy

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