My New Creation

in #painting4 years ago

One day as I was scrolling through my Pinterest and I found this link :

And I thought to myself...I should give that a try! So I went out and bought all the supplies I would need, including liquid silicone, and started to make my version of it.
I used Navy Blue mixed with an opaque Silver, Yellow Ochre, Emerald Green mixed with Blue and a spot of White.
I mixed the paints with roughly the same measurements as the lady in the video.
Then I followed the rest of the instructions to create.........


This! I know I know it doesn’t look anything at all like the video, for some reason the paints didn’t separate I’m going to keep experimenting until I get it right and then I’ll let you guys know! Here are some more pictures. 💖



I hope you guys enjoyed! Comment any tips or suggestions you guys have I would love to hear them!


very nice:)

Thank you 😁

I think it’s very pretty! I always get to enjoy your paintings ❤️❤️❤️