🎨 First drawing with Watercolor

in #painting3 years ago

Hello everyone! Now I want to add a little color to my blog 😊.

As I mentioned in the title, I show them my first watercolor drawing.

I made it in 2015 and I remember that I had to adapt, be careful in the areas that had a clear tone, you should take advantage of the color of the sheet, also that once painted there was no turning back 😄, applying too much water could damage the sheet (although the sheet was for it, I thought it would damage it) and that's why I was careful with this type of painting. In this case, use the ** Dry Watercolor ** technique.

To be honest at first it gave me a bit of nerve, but then I loved the watercolor because of the effects that can be achieved in the drawings, it fascinates me!.
So if you are an expert in watercolor, I hope you will not find any defect in my work 😄.

Thanks for the visit! 😊
And I hope them liked it.