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There is no doubt that Pakistan has an abundance of natural resources and a rich history. We want to shake off previous image and encourage investors and visitors to discover the beauty of Pakistan for themselves. tourist will be hypnotized by the Naltar Valley, which boasts colourful lakes and mountains covered in pine trees. There's an abundance of valleys and historic sites that will conquer anyone's heart.

Promote Tourism in Pakistan

Reply the post with correct Answer - For multiple correct answers, a draw will be done for winner

You can win Cellular Balance upto (250 PKR)

(Time Limit = 14 September 2018)


My guses is #Nanga-parbat send me #steem for right answer!

Sure Bro, we have to wait till September 14. I wish best of luck for you. @pranto

@pranto Please send me email at [email protected] to get voucher of 250 Pkr

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