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RE: @ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

in #palnet2 years ago

They be cramping your style.

I usd to delegate to ocdb back in the day when they only upvoted paying, whitelisted authors.

I cancelled my delegation in part because I ain't enabling them to downvote accounts without knowing the details.


Oh but we know the details :)

I still vote and even trail vote ocd. I am just not sure what ocdb is turning into, so I'm not rolling with it for now.

I understand the idea is ocdb is powerful enough to downvote people who I cannot risk downvoting myself.

I just don't want to delegate to this and automatically contribute until it finds itself.

I often look at steemflagrewards and downvote people they've flagged if I agree.

I bought steem for my purpose. I paid for the translation of the text (by the same steem). Wrote a post. I bought ups from bots for advertising. They are now not at all profitable. I got a flag. Super should I invest in advertising, get my money here so that they put a flag on me?

I think we definitely need some kind of compromise and consensus to be made.

I turned off my adblocker for Steemit to make sure they are getting the advertising revenue they deserve and occasionally I click the adds when they appeal to me.

I am sorry, but you probably did not understand the translator because of Google. I paid protest bots to raise the post a little higher. I didn’t get “Steem” from the system, I bought them for broadcast. Because I came with my idea not to tron. but on "Steem" and then she advertised about it, they lowered my status. Our company has a difficult financial situation, I planned to use Steam as the basis for my game. Now probably not. Not only did they not support us, they were also booed by some degenerates. Every stupid dollar in this life is given to me with blood and sweat. Having spent thousands of dollars on a team, I am in a difficult situation. It is difficult when you are not a native speaker of English to find a sponsor in the world of cryptography, but even now my people did not go to the competitors, we have a version of the game that others would have started, but not me, “I am ashamed”. The team remains with me, but no one will work for free, and I have run out of savings. I am disgusted to see such an attitude. I proposed SRC as a permanent replenishment of the future "Steem", but they showed me that I was superfluous.

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately it is a difficult time for people using bots.

However there is a new from of advertising I would like to bring to your attention below.

For the reasonable price of 10 Steem you can make your advertisement for your platform a proposal underder the steem dao.

Check them out. Some are for completely dubious things like stories so I'm sure yours won't be the worst especially since you mentioned you want to use Steem and not Tron.

You have a link to a post where i can read detailed information about this service.

Sorry, I do not. Also I don't recommend you do this as it could seriously backfire if people don't think the proposal is sincere.