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RE: @ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

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Massively vote-trading is the same as delegating to bid bots or self-voting 10x per day. This undermines proof of brain and the changes the EIP is bringing to the table. With smaller accounts doing this the curve taxes them and makes it more profitable to curate, with bigger accounts doing this it does not affect them and even rewards them more. When you vote-trade you are making way more rewards than honest curation and posters.

This is the reason you were downvoted, it has nothing to do with your content or what kind of stakeholder you are, it's about your (auto)vote-trading activity.

These are your top supporters:

Please give honest curation a chance.

We appreciate all the other things you do for the Steem network.


I see your point and i half way agree with you. I also feel like hey....i paid for steem 10x higher than this and powered it up, then when all the panic sellers came and the price fell....i bought more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and powered it ALL UP so that steem would stay off the market for all of us. I even convinced many others to not only buy but to double down. I am in the red hole so bad on steem its sick!!!! BUT BUT BUT.....I'm still here everyday pushing tokens around, making my own original content and helping the platform grow in my own way. Sure i get a few traded "circle jerking" votes everyday,shouldn't i get a little cushion to earn and protect my downside? I believe i am right to do so. I also do not leverage my "circle Jerking" 100% like most so. I vote MANY ACCOUNTS who never gave me a single vote ever here. I want to spread the token, I don't abuse the system, i help regulate bad players and I teach others how this works. I don't sell my tokens, i just re-deploy them to help other projects grow here. I won on Steemmonsters a little, i got smashed in Drug Wars, Conned in Steem Bet and broke even on most the rest. I'm gonna trade votes forever, I can guarantee you that, I take enough losses and risk that it's a must for me to make these pennies worth my while here. I feel for the most part i have chosen good "circle jerking" partners who create good content, I don't think they cheat, they are here everyday and they are committed like me to real longevity. Steem will rise massively one day, I have very little doubt about that. When it does....I'll probably never post again and if i do I'll never self vote my post and become more of a curator than i am now. For now i am protecting my downside risk like any investor would. If this post is not satisfactory to you....well i guess you will just have to down vote away. Just remember that Steem needs people like me, i help stop the bleeding for everyone..... but nobody ever sends me a thank you card or "rewards" me for digging into my bank acct to pitch in REAL $$$......all they know is the bleeding has stopped.....for now.

I gotta go back to work now, to sweat my middle income ass off just in case Steem starts to bleed again because if it bleeds to long these "minnows" who do most of the bitching and very little to stop the bleeding(buying steem or at least adding buy support) get a little discouraged and just leave the platform.

The OG Brizzel Dizzel-


Hi @acidyo, I would like to ask you to read my comment here down below. It's an offering which might sound strange firstly but maybe worth further considerations.

Thank you.

I'll be honest I am really busy right now, so much so that I still haven't found the time to respond to Bronc and when I glanced at your comment I felt defeated at the starting line. I'll promise to try and get back to it as soon as I can. So much happening lately you wouldn't think it's the bottom of the bear market.

:) I hope this feeling will go away after having taken your time to read the full comment relaxed and in silence. I can imagine that you are under pressure for community building is quite a stressful thing.

So much happening lately you wouldn't think it's the bottom of the bear market.

HaHa, yes, isn't that interesting?

You didin't vote my last post. Although I worked hard on that post. It was a researched content. But you guys can not value the real content.

Which post are you referring to? Your actifit ones or the one where you just take content that isn’t yours and put into a post? Perhaps be careful what attention you ask for on your content.. you may not like the results.

Thanks for the suggestion dear sister. I hope I can be more careful for the next times.

Stop begging, it's pathetic

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No.....Its not begging.....Its just drawing attention to my post and nothing......Either you go to my profile and see the post or do nothing it doesn’t matter.......Here in this post @broncnutz is claiming about the system that how it works....And titled as
"@ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars "

So I got an Opportunity to say something about claim. If they value peoples creation they can upvote, and thats a symbol to judge that my post was got the real value.....

Can you show me where I begged vote?

But plz see it as a claim that my work should be rewarded as per policy of the company of @ocd.

You don't need to vote brother.

But plz do not downvote.

Because if you vote someone they will inspire, and if you downvote they will uninspire.....And you dont have the right to uninspire someone.....

I hope you understand.....

I just exercised my right to downvote every single post you made this week.

Reason, I disagree with the rewards you are getting.

It's my right.

Hope you understand.

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And this sounds like the kind of environment that will attract new users..... (Sarcasm font on)

Do we really want to attract users who use abusive language? Maybe they should stick to the YouTube comment section.

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Do we really want to attract users who

The answer to that is always "yes!"

I disagree, we don't need users like this.

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You can never be a human.....You are a cat....Your name is that, your activities are like that.....You are an animal....Thank you......

And do the down voting......You are the COO of steemit.....You have a big responsibility ....

I went and looked at your post, it is nothing special.

yes...Thanks for your proper judgement......I am happy now....And please let me know what should I not do in future? That I can be previously be careful....

Cover something someone is interested in.
Spell and grammar check it in the language it is published.

I didn't spend much time on it, but it looked like a respin of 100 other news stories.

Anyway, wanted you to know I looked.

I understand why someone's interest is important here. Yes its a mandatory thing...

Ha ha! I spend a lot of time there....But didn’t see other stories.....May be those are better tthan me....

My targeted customer was ocd.....But I failed to draw an attention to him.....

Ha ha.....Usually I am not writing for a long time.....I wanted to check my ability......It was the first step....And you know brother, writing is definitely not an easy thing....But alright learned a new thing...

Downvoted my all posts the mother fucker.....Now fuck yourself and fuck your mother.....@cripticat

Seek help, personal insults and verbal abuse are not tolerated.

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What do you want?

Do you want, I should stop using this platform (steemit)?

And can you please explain what wrong I have done with you?

Its after you have irrationally behaved.....But I am telling about the previous situation......Where you claimed I begged for vote....But I told that I did not begged......

Its after you have irrationally behaved.....But I am telling about the previous situation......Where you claimed I begged for vote....But I told that I did not begged......