Palnet - Testing The Tag

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Wait. Are you saying I don't actually, neccesarily, have to use the frontend to create the post for it to appear on there? Are you saying that all I have to do is use the "#palnet" tag and I'm good to go?


Yours truly, hustling for Steem at SteemFest 3.

You know me, I have to test everything for myself to see if it works. So this is a Palnet tag experiment of sorts.

So today is the first PAL payout as a result of earnings from posts. I will not be getting any payouts today because my first post on Palnet isn't yet old enough to make the cut. I was one day late in starting to post on there, so tomorrow will be my first pay out.

Anyhow, why would one want the ability to post on a different condenser, and not directly via Well, for several reasons. The obvious one is - more money. It would be amazing if all my posts also showed up on Palnet and generated PAL tokens, but I realise that it isn't always possible for technical reasons. However, if simple blog posts on Busy, eSteem, Steempeak or Steemit get propagated onto Palnet simply by the inclusion of the required tag, then that's beyond awesome! There are many Steem based incentives for posting on Busy or eSteem for instance. You can keep benefiting from those incentives, and also earn PAL tokens too!

Apart from Steem related incentives, some of the other condensers have more advanced text editors and include desirable tools. The ability to save drafts is one, the ability to schedule posts is another.

One interesting test I just thought about while writing this is if it would work all the way from WordPress. I will most likely try that out tomorrow. Imagine that; I post on my website and it propagates to Steem and Palnet for the possibility of two sources of revenue. Happy days!


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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I'm earning WEED and PAL and SBD and SP today from 1 post. Oh, and SNAX! Life is good :D

How do you earn from weed, I mean can you please give me any link post that talks about it

Hey @adenijiadeshina just go to and log in with your steem credentials and start posting! Alternatively just post on and use weedcash as a tag :-) Good luck!

That's just showing off :)
I'd try earning some WEED too but it's not yet legal over here ;)


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I have tested in a couple of different dapps and it works all the time. It doesn't even have to be the main hashtag 😋

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That's bl**dy awesome! :)

They had already suggested me to use the tag palnet, but I did not attend and now I read your publication more precise and where you explain better what is the use of the tag and you have motivated me, @adetorrent. I'll start using it too.

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Thanks for sharing! Let us know your test results!


It loks like becomes more and more popular and attractive for steemians, and I'm very close to try it too!

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#wow thanks @adetorrent for your excellent review . keep it up . thats #amazing . i like it.