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RE: @ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

in #palnet2 years ago (edited)

I consider their act inadequate. I have been following your activities for a long time, approximately since the launch of drugwars. Which by the way were an outright scam project. I hope you will remain what you are, despite the machinations of an ocdb.
Hmm, they just put a flag on my post. Of course, I bought votes from bots, but not for my own benefit, but for advertising purposes. Honestly, because of these characters, I really want to choose a different blockchain for projects. But thanks to people like you, I stay here.


I'm happy that you consider me a positive force here.

Do not consider this rude, but I would like you to read my last post and express your opinion. If it’s not hard for you.