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I always loved a good ' The end is nigh' film but I cannot seem to find any good ones these days. I started watching 8 Tage that Sky Atlantic have the rights for. It is a German made production that is subtitled all the way through. The fact that Sky Atlantic went with this means it must be at least watchable so I said I would give it a go.
The series is basically about a meteor called Houras that is due to hit La Rochelle in France in 8 days. The comet is so big that it will wipe out Europe entirely. This means that there is a mass exodus of Europe before the meteor hits. The series is based in Berlin around how a family are trying to escape to Russia to survive the fall out. Strange in these times that Europeans were desperately trying to get out to Russia, Africa and the Middle East.
Germany descends into anarchy, corruption and each man for himself around this time and some things that happen are fairly disturbing to say the least. There's plenty of sex as well and nothing is left to the imagination. They may as well do something to keep their mind off instant death in a few days time.
This is season 1 which is the eight days leading up to impact.
The series looks at cults as well coming up to the impact which is a bit over the top. One character in it is treated like God all Mighty and has the appropriate music and halo whenever he arrives on scene. The series focuses around about 12 people so it is more of a character drama than an apocalyptic drama. A few lunatics added in for good measure and a corrupt politician as well.
There are rumours that the production team will do series based in different countries and I would love to see this especially the 8 days in Moscow or La Rochelle. There is so much more that could be done with this series. If they had a larger budget then they could of really made a hit here but over all I liked the whole thing.
Just wondering is there any good books or series about an impending meteor strike that I could have a look at? That one with Aliyah Wood on the motorbike is go. Armageddon was too Hollywood. Any more?


I always loved a good ' The end is nigh' film but I cannot seem to find any good ones these days

I agree with you...I wonder why studios shy away from them now? Is the end is nigh thing becoming too real and uncomfortable to portray in films?

Too busy going for the old Muslim suicide guys taking over the white house films

Yes, they seem to love that story-line don't they?

Hi @blanchy

I have not seen the series, and I doubt that it will be broadcast in Venezuela.
However, the description or summary you explain is very good.

Now the first thing that came to my mind was: Will that happen?

It will be that they can really run away or the consequences are only limited to Europe. And I think, if this happens, the consequences will be global.

What do you think?

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Best regards,

Yes in 8 days the meteor is a global killer but Europe is considered instant death. America and Russia will go dark for a few years and plants will die so it would not be all swings and roundabouts in those country either but it will be somewhat habitable at least even if underground (they think)

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