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RE: Let's Give Something Back - A No Contest Giveaway! (20 prizes of SBI shares and tokens up for grabs!)

in #palnet2 years ago

hahaha... I've also been collecting random tokens... hell I even bought a few thousand completely arb tokens (MEME, GEEK, CUPZ...??? :P ) just because it was fun and looks cool to have a wallet full of tokens :P ... never spent more than 1 STEEM per token though ;-) Of course I've also been "investing" in the more legit tokens too. Must have close on 30 now... #GottaCatchEmAll

Got to the point where I had such FOMO that I'm saving up my daily earned tokens so that I can buy the 100 ENG and start my own token. \m/

Actually have a legit idea (with real-world value) for my token... now I just need to decide on the name before I collect the 100ENG :P

Like you say... What a few weeks it's been!