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RE: @ocdb bot went “manual”.....actually I think mental. #flagwars

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I see your point and i half way agree with you. I also feel like hey....i paid for steem 10x higher than this and powered it up, then when all the panic sellers came and the price fell....i bought more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and powered it ALL UP so that steem would stay off the market for all of us. I even convinced many others to not only buy but to double down. I am in the red hole so bad on steem its sick!!!! BUT BUT BUT.....I'm still here everyday pushing tokens around, making my own original content and helping the platform grow in my own way. Sure i get a few traded "circle jerking" votes everyday,shouldn't i get a little cushion to earn and protect my downside? I believe i am right to do so. I also do not leverage my "circle Jerking" 100% like most so. I vote MANY ACCOUNTS who never gave me a single vote ever here. I want to spread the token, I don't abuse the system, i help regulate bad players and I teach others how this works. I don't sell my tokens, i just re-deploy them to help other projects grow here. I won on Steemmonsters a little, i got smashed in Drug Wars, Conned in Steem Bet and broke even on most the rest. I'm gonna trade votes forever, I can guarantee you that, I take enough losses and risk that it's a must for me to make these pennies worth my while here. I feel for the most part i have chosen good "circle jerking" partners who create good content, I don't think they cheat, they are here everyday and they are committed like me to real longevity. Steem will rise massively one day, I have very little doubt about that. When it does....I'll probably never post again and if i do I'll never self vote my post and become more of a curator than i am now. For now i am protecting my downside risk like any investor would. If this post is not satisfactory to you....well i guess you will just have to down vote away. Just remember that Steem needs people like me, i help stop the bleeding for everyone..... but nobody ever sends me a thank you card or "rewards" me for digging into my bank acct to pitch in REAL $$$......all they know is the bleeding has stopped.....for now.

I gotta go back to work now, to sweat my middle income ass off just in case Steem starts to bleed again because if it bleeds to long these "minnows" who do most of the bitching and very little to stop the bleeding(buying steem or at least adding buy support) get a little discouraged and just leave the platform.

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