Building Castles in the Swamp: Red Ice TV Sinks into the Abyss

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Red Ice TV was an Anchor Channel, similar to an "anchor store" in a shopping plaza

By Poseidon Live | Published on Oct 18, 2019

Red Ice became the latest victim of YouTube banishment, yesterday, 17 Oct 2019, demonstrating once again, the dangers of building castles in the Swamp. This is a significant development, considering the channel had served as one of the remaining anchors of the pro-European/populist/truth community. Family owned and operated Red Ice TV, along with a few other significantly large or popular channels, like Poseidon and The Iconoclast, could regularly be relied upon to deliver important news, entertainment and some much-needed laughs, similarly revolving around a core principle all but forgotten in the mainstream spectrum. Truth.

YouTube, along with parents, Google and Alphabet Inc, through their actions, are unfortunately proving that supremacist attitudes do exist in Western media. Why the USA, or any country, would tolerate these multinational organizations – with no loyalties to any Western nation – working alongside foreign-interest hate organizations ADL and SPLC, dictating what its people can watch or say is simply astonishing, considering all the degenerative filth that is deemed acceptable, on YouTube and throughout the media and entertainment industries.

Even more astonishing is this collective of supremacist globalists have been caught red-handed playing god with populations of the West. Through the obvious repeated process of promoting trending (sometimes dubious) videos, selected, not for their quality or creativity, but for their ability to support the current agenda, and biased elimination of so-called "dissenting opinions" – which are actually more in line with reality – YouTube, big tech and the MSM are dangerously shaping perception based on their custom-manufactured illusion of it to influence and accelerate a preferred outcome.

The results have been catastrophic on the natural order of Western morality. Though it may serve as little consolation, it is a credit to the reputation of Lana and Henrik and the Red Ice TV brand, that their forthright content made them a casualty of this new re-ordering of society, of the ever-narrowing access to reliable information.

It may be just an old, now-defunct European tradition, but it used to be when foreign agents working within the borders of a nation acted counter to the best interests of its people, to omit or suppress truths, the absence of which was certain to inflict harm and societal decay, they were given an appropriate nickname: Enemies of the State.


Embrace YOUR Heritage. Beware the Mainstream Sodomy Merchants! (MSM)




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