Cannabis Creative Contest Week 5: A View From the Top

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I've not done this in a while...

Get your mind outta the gutter! A contest! I've not entered a contest in a while... and in fact, I'm likely to enter another one... tomorrow. "What the heck is wrong with you?!", you may ask. "Meh", reply, "Sometimes it's just easier to be told what to post...sometimes." 😏

The Contest

The Art

Right down there, yup, just below all this, you'll find a true masterpiece of epic proportions. Like, it's amazing, bruh. Brace yourselves.

This was taken by me, with my sweet camera phone (Google Pixel) in 2017. We had ourselves a tiny little crop of ladies. I took a LOT of pics of them. However, for this challenge I tried several... but found that in black and white, for the image to be interesting it really needed to have a clear light source.

Eureka! I found one! Then it was only a matter of tweaking here and there and adding a little dark blur around the edges to really make her pop. She looks good. 😍 I wish I could remember (or would have labeled) what plant this was. I can guess it was a Sativa hybrid from the looks, but who knows? 🤣

View From the Top

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Thank you for entering the contest!

Thanks for hosting, man. 😎

😂 hmm I guess you were high when you typed this up!

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I'll never tell!

Mwahahaha!! Edit: awesome photo BTW!

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Awesome Pic @carrieallen ! Best of luck to you, I just entered too!🍀😎📷
Upped 💯! #weedcash #creativecoin #palnet

Wha?!?! Lemme go have a looksy at your weeeeeeeeds.

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