Hey @celinavisaez, it's sad to see you fell victim to one of the downvoters on your latests posts for who knows what reason. I countered at least part of them with upvotes from my main account.

Joining with @costanza, I have increased my votes on both of your affected posts @celinavisaez. Both downvotes have now been "neutralized." I have also written to this moron to ask him (?) to explain his (?) actions, but I'll be surprised to get a response. You may be happy to hear this account appears to be completely powering down ...

Very sorry to read about your husband. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you and your dear ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious family.


Gracias muchas gracias, son muy bondadosos, un abrazo @roleerob

Just following my mentions and noticed this conversation. I did my part on both of @celinavisaez's posts. Thanks to you guys for spotting these!

Gracias hermana querida! Que Dios te bendiga.

Hola @upvoteshares! Gracias por su ayuda, de verdad no se que esta pasando, estoy pasando momentos muy duros con mi esposo, tiene cancer de prostata, con metastasis en la columna y el cerebro, esta en cama, es muy triste ver como en tres meses, no se puede ni levantar de la cama, vi uno o dos votos negativos, pero no se el motivo, por ahora estoy un poco retirada de steemit, la verdad la tristeza me hace llorrar cada dia, disculpa que le cuente esto, pero me desahogo un poco, un cariñoso abrazo.

So Sorry to hear @celinavisaez, my prayers are with you and your husband. I hope Steem can be a platform to help you deal with the situation. It's nice to see more people standing up to the downvoters showing you some love!

Gracias por su apoyo! Agradecida con todo mi corazón, un abrazo @upvoteshares.