Doesn't matter. Transition will happen in form of snapshot-airdrop probably. And i think we still have weeks before whole situation with hive-engine will be sorted.

For players only thing that would change will be chain where they signing transactions, tool they using for that. Not sure if people are ready to do it on hive either... i don't have hive keychain yet. So no rush on that.

I bought 5 cards, the sim income is paid every 24 hours on SE?

yes, sell garbage dump, it gives negative -30 popularity if you don't have more than 10 different cards. If you have it is +30. Good card for big cities, you could get maybe even 8-12 steem for that, check prices on market.

Apartment is also good card probably 10-12 steem :) so you are lucky with that drop, basic home around 2 steem, restaurant ~ 6 steem

You can start now.