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This is what perfection almost looks like...

Steem Monsters   Collect  Trade  Battle .png

I have every single gold foil in the alpha deck and only one is missing. If you are one of the people who has the last piece missing to my collection...

Steem Monsters   Collect  Trade  Battle  (1).png

Please contact me and name your price!

$5000 is a little steep to be honest.


I think you also bought my Chromatic Dragon, thanks :)

From one stacker to another :)

Now how to get ahold of the rest...

Thanks for buying that selenia from me. 🤑

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Omg i would love to have one single of those cards. Each one is worth a 20% bonus on your Dec winnings. Use some of them and you double your income!

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Beautiful perfection 😍😍

Try on game discord: https://discord.gg/BKMvfq on channels: #trader-chat or #buy-sell

Sooo muuuch gold. I envy your entire collection. Probably one of the best investments on Steem at the moment. :)

#sir your card collection is so good . i love all your lighting dragon card . thanks to share this

I have this, if you want upgrade your card!!!

super dragon.png

Greetings, @cryptoctopus

I have golden and legendary potions. Sometimes i buy about 15-30 booster packs. When it comes to me, i advise you about this!!!

have a good night!

Holy hell, those things cost more than most people's rent.

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Nice looking collection! Let me know if you find success :)

Your smashing it, those could foils are worth dome cash, not to mention all the other rare and common cards. PROMO CARDS prices are crazy high

In a championship where only gold cards are used, you would be the winner with great confidence, excellent deck.

You are the craziest investor in SM that i ever know --- all that cards worth my 10x house

Holy Molly! I see a monster deck.

I have just about every other card but that one :(

I can only wish you good luck @cryptoctopus since I do not play in that game

Cheers buddy :)

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