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So I just found out about Palnet and posting through it's interface...I have no idea what it's about, what are it's goals and what it is up to but I'm curious to know. One cool thing I found is that Palnet is using TokenBB ( , which is the place I'm most likely going to interact with the community...and I saw that they've integrated their tokens.

I have so many questions about it like:

  • Does PAL have a different curation algorithm?
  • Does it have a team to improve the front end?
  • How is the team going to control the infrastructure cost?
  • Why should I post here rather than

and so much more.

If you have a guide to Palnet, it would be more than appreciated :-)


PAL Has 50/50 Rewards I believe
so It's really great for curators because curators get 50%

Yes I believe Palnet has a development team. I believe they are tied with @minnowsupport

I have no idea about this one :D

Because if you post on palnet you can also earn PAL tokens.
If you post on palnet or just use the tag "palnet" on your steemit posts, it also shows up on allowing you to earn PALCoins extra to your steem payouts.

Here you have a link with a lot of info and answers about the issue, it has some interesting links in there also. Nice to see you on Palnet. Has interesting interactions through Steem Engine for tokenBB.

I think that are great news for your proyect also. Cheers!.

So first off I should mention that I'm not a part of the PAL / Minnow Support team, but nevertheless I should be able to answer your questions:

Does PAL have a different curation algorithm?

Yes, I believe PAL is set up with a 50/50 author/curator split and a slightly higher than linear reward curve. You can see the exact settings in their whitepaper post

Does it have a team to improve the front end?

@eonwarped is the developer working on the Nitrous codebase (fork of condenser) and the Steem Engine team is also working with other front ends like SteemPeak to provide custom, whitelabel front-ends that support SCOT tokens as well.

How is the team going to control the infrastructure cost?

The infrastructure costs are extremely small, around maybe $100 / month, so that shouldn't be an issue. Steemit, Inc's costs are primarily from running their full node, and even then they were astronomically high. PALnet does not run their own full node currently (at least not a usable one), however hopefully with the release of MIRA they should be far more cost efficient to run if needed.

Why should I post here rather than

It doesn't really matter where you post from as long as it goes to the Steem blockchain. As long as you use the "palnet" tag on your post you will be able to earn PAL tokens from anyone with staked PAL tokens who upvotes your post. The upvotes can also be done from any front-end as well.

The reason you might want to use the website instead of is because it only shows posts with the palnet tag, so if you're only interested in that specific type of content you can go there.

Perhaps a better example of this is the site for posts about the Steem Monsters / Splinterlands game. Many people just want to post and read posts about the game, so they can go to and not have to filter through all of the unrelated content on

Also the new sites have a few features that are different than, and will likely be getting more over time as development continues which will help to further differentiate them.

PALnet does actually run a full node. It's the minnowsupport one. We've done that for a year. Followbtc/new crimsonclad run it. I pay for half of it and ausbitbank contributes to that too.

thanks PAL, that was helpful :-)

Another piece is that you don't sacrifice rewards to post on PAL. You get PAL and steem/sbd. so, you're double dipping.

thanks for answers! @yabapmatt

I’m trying it out now and like that it looks more like the steemit from when I first joined.

Thanks for the post - the comments were gold.

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Can't wait to try it out.

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