Hey @cwow2, Thans for showing interest in this project!
There are currently 4 shares left from Level 19.

This project is however not designed for shareholders to farm upvotes with good returns which makes 'Spam Actifit Posts' generally not what it wants to support. I addressed this issue in the past and introduced a reasonable rule (See Post ) with fairly easy requirements to make Actifit posts qualify for the upvotes. So if you are willing to slighty adjust your actifit post, you are welcome to join this program and get some shares.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Kind Regards,

I do also post other stuff than actifit :p
But I will the last post

I'll be closing down level 19 this wednesday. I guess the actifit posts doesn't make your blog the best fit to be part of this program. It's hard to draw a line sometimes and be consistent in it but I'm sure you can understand. If you ever descide to make changes you are always welcome to request shares again in future levels.

Kind Regards,

Yeye no problem dude.
My actifit posts will stay like this for sometime I guess.
Not what I am focusing on currently :D