Venezuela Corruption: Special Police Task Force Caught Hiring Convicted Criminals

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As things have continued to deteriorate in Venezuela for years with the economic and political decline, we have heard along the way about many struggles that the people are going through.

From standing in line for hours to buy basic food items, to empty store shelves, fiat being inflated into oblivion, mass amounts of people leaving for a better future elsewhere, broad starvation and economic despair etc. There have been frequent power outages and a large number of reported violent incidents that have taken place between protesters and police, as well as between police and other community members.

A few years ago an "elite" police task force was reportedly created by President Maduro and a recent news investigation has found that several of those task force members are allegedly convicted criminals.

Some of those ex-convicts have been charged with murder. The group has frequently been referred to by the media as a 'death squad' of sorts.

Certain individuals in the task force have been accused of torture, among other crimes.

There have also been claims of summary executions against peaceful citizens and possibly opposition politicians as well.

There have allegedly been hundreds of murders that the task force has been responsible for.

It was thanks to one court case involving the death of at least two men at the hands of the squad, that lead to the information about the convictions for some of those officers coming to light.

Documents had been revealed that showed certain officers on the task force were allegedly convicted criminals.

This is expected to be against the law in Venezuela, to have criminals working as police officers over communities that pay those organizations to offer safety services. You can only imagine why that might cause a problem for the safety of the community, to have criminals obvious ones in the eyes of many at least, with a position of authority that might offer a cloak over future wrongdoing that they'd be inclined to engage in.

If they are acting outside the bounds of authority as established within the region they are operating in, then it is easy to see why many might refer to them as a death squad, or simply murderers that are terrorizing communities around the country. For the safety of the individual in the region not only should the criminals be purged from the group, but the entire task force disbanded.

It isn't certain just how many convicts might be working within the ranks presently around Venezuela.