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Every day you're going to find yourself having to make decisions constantly.

Sometimes, we don't know how important these little decisions we make are.

But if we zoom out, and look at our lives from afar, we'll realize that those little decisions have a big impact on the results we have or don't have.

For example, you set yourself as a goal what you want to create your online business, what you want to have financial freedom, what you don't want to spend your life like the rest of the herd taking orders from a person that you consider much more incompetent than you. But...

... Come Saturday and you get a text message from that party friend of yours. Message that says something like: We're waiting for you at 9 at the bar today.

That's one of those moments when you find yourself in the position to decide. You can go to this bar and get on with your job, your goal next day or at least think that.

So you go to the bar, you have a few drinks you come home late at night, you go to bed in the morning and the next day you wake up wanting to work.

Now you're in a different mood, you're tired, so you decide to turn on the TV and catch up on that series you left on Netflix.

Between one thing and another the day flies away, you look at the calendar and it's already Sunday night, tomorrow you have to go to that damn job.

You just delivered another weekend to the emotions of the moment betraying your main goal.

Goal which you're going to have in your mind questioning why you did that all week.

Look, I'm not against fun and distraction are necessary things as a person.

Now everything must have a moderation. Most people spend a lot of time in these states of distraction, not so much because we need it but because we avoid doing the difficult and necessary work.

Whatever goal is worthwhile, whether it's having financial freedom or creating your own business is going through a process I call the birthing process. Process that is difficult, scary, a complex process.

If you have any doubts if you don't know if you should go to that party or not, prioritize your goals. When you were in your optimal state of mind, you defined these goals as what made sense of your life. Now you must have the discipline to execute them you feel one way or another.

Remember that you always have a choice, be a herd or not.

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