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RE: Upvoteshares | Rule Change Proposals

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So I am one share away from getting the dividends?

Where can I get this one share?

No, seriously. I support all your proposals including the @actifit one.

I post the reports daily, sort of diary, and make very certain that the title and cover image, not mentioning the content, are unique.

One final remark. I do hope that @roleerob and you don't travel on the same plane ✈️😊😀😭😉🛫

Thanks for all the effort, thoughts, time, everything you are putting into this.

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Well @ervin-lemark ...

"I do hope that @roleerob and you don't travel on the same plane ✈️😊😀😭😉🛫"

... given that @costanza and I live on almost the opposite sides of our beloved planet, I think you can rest comfortably assured this will not happen ... 😉

Decentralization in action ... Hahaha ... 😊

Using actifit that way is exactly how it should be done. It's actually quite sad to see so many not caring since so little effort can make such a big difference in how these posts present themselves.

Thanks @ervin-lemark