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RE: Upvote Shares Level 19 Available...

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Hey, I managed to notice the announcement immediately, not two weeks too late as usual. That's what I call the progress.

Upvoted, resteemed, sent 15x4.640 Steem.

Thank you!


Thanks @ervin-lemark!

15 shares [Share 951 to 965] have succesfully been assigned to you. Feel free to let me know everyone you want to sponsor. You now have 25 Shares and your upvotes have been increased to 75%. You will also start receiving curation dividend rewards with a multiplier of +5% on all your shares.


Can I give more that one sponsor nomination to the people? When yes, here is the list:

9x @animal-shelter
1x @marenontherun
1x @crazy-andy
1x @pjansen (by the way, he is twice on the list)
1x @seckorama
1x @amico
1x @justineh

That should be 15 in total. Thank you!

The max you can give to the same account is 2. I'll assign 2 to all 7 and you have one more to give away. Thanks for letting me now pjansen is twice on there, I'll probably overlooked he was already on there and will just have to add them up then.

OK, then add @pele23 to the list, please.

Thank you and you are welcome.

Ok, thanks for that, not sure what this all is, but I will check it out! !trdo

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