Congratulations to the PAL team

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... for another worthwhile development.

@aggroed is on the forefront of making STEEM and associated blockchain applications more valuable.

The PAL (mod) team is amazing, too.

I do think though (as an ops guy), we should consider developing an alternative to Discord for the simple reason that Discord, as good as it seems, is centralized by globalist interests that may or may not decide to shut servers down one day.

The Pal Discord Server could well be a target one day, given its advocacy for independence from the globalist, centralized system. A continuity plan should be thought of and put into practice.


Wow...I just discovered this @PALnet. It sounds fabulous.

I've been bugging the guys at @utopian-io off and on for an open-source alternative with enough features to replace discord, but it seems that's going to take some serious funding to make happen. Maybe if PALcoin moons we can start working toward that goal, but until then it's just a dream.

OK - in the meantime - from a MSPW Ops perspective, we need to think about what to do if Discord is out for any reason.

We had a prime example last weekend when major infrastructure affected Google, Discord, etc. What do we do re MSPW should Discord be down. Perhaps a push toward VIMM for emergencies... But we need to advertise that option.

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Dear @globocop

I just decided to visit your profile and see if you're still active I don't remember seeing you around lately.

I really hope you didn't give up on Steemit yet. It has been quite a while since your last publication.

If you would ever decide to come back and would post anything, then please send me link via memo and I will gladly check it out.

Yours, Piotr

Hello friend @globocop,

I'm trying to reach you! I hope you're doing OK, I pray for you when you come to mind...

Please drop me a note here or via Discord and let's "catch up?" :)


- @creatr



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