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RE: Leo Mol Sculpture Garden - Photos from my visit!

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Hi Ceil, I noticed you pulled your delegation, so it shows you came back to Steem. How are things going? I hope everything is fine. Are you going to become active again or are you pulling the plug? Steem got bought by Tron recently, but you probably know that.


Hey! Hope you're doing well. xo School is going very well for me. :) I'm not sure whether or not I'm done, but I have some upcoming bills in April that student loans won't cover so I'm powering down in hopes that I can cover it. :) I heard about the tron thing. We'll have to see how it plays out!

I'm glad to hear things are going reasonably well. It sucks to have to power down now because I think Steem will be going up a lot real soon. It would be nice if you could get more for each token. If you are lucky, by the time you get your tokens out of being vested, the price may have shot up!

I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the platform one day. Of course, school takes precedence and you want to focus all your efforts there so that you can do well in your studies. Good luck and hope to see you soon.

I think it will go up soon too :( I'm so sad about the timing! I love this platform and I think it will just keep growing in the future but I guess I'll have to earn back my steem power XD.

Thank you, my friend. Hope to be back soon too!

With the new rules, earning Steem has become a lot more difficult when you start with nothing. I hope our new owner convinces the witnesses to change the reward algorithm so that the small accounts are not penalized as they are now. I don't see how anyone just starting out can earn anything with the 2-cent minimum pay-out rule.

I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier:
We are both in Canada, so if you want to convert your Steem to dollars, I could buy some off you and send money via e-transfer. That way you don't need to lose money during conversions and no withdrawal fees. I avoid the need to set up another account at an exchange since Quadrigacx shut down. Would you be interested in a direct sale?

That's a great idea! Thanks! I'm definitely interested!

I saw you had just over 1,000 steem last time I looked.
Current price is 0.18654USD so for 1,000 Steem it would cost $186.54 USD
$1 USD = $ 0.748848 CAD
You put 1,000 Steem into my wallet and I will send $249.10 CAD to an e-mail address you provide.

Can we do half of that? 500 SP? With all the stuff going on I want to stay engaged with it a bit. :) You can use [email protected] as an e-mail address.

Of course! It's your Steem and you can sell as much or as little as you please.
Your wallet shows approx. 91 Steem coming out in 24 hours. How would you like our deal to work? I pay you for as much as comes out each week and Pay according to the price at that time or do we fix a price now for all 500 Steem?

The new Steem boss needs to give the SP he "borrowed" back to the unsuspecting lenders, so talk is of reducing power-down to 1-3 days. If that's the case, you may be able to get your Steem out real soon.

It seems Telegram now requires a cell phone number in order to use it, so that cuts me off from using Telegram to privately share information. I don't have a cell phone! It seems so many Internet applications now expect everyone to own a cell phone. I hate those things and wish they were banned. All that radiation is disrupting our (biological) cell function. We are literally killing ourselves by using those things. Any idea of how we can share the private information between us? I need your e-mail address and you need the secret word to unlock the e-transfer.