Hello & art school updates!

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Hey folks!

How's it going?

A lot's been going on over here. The Steem community is so incredible. I've been following the discussion here and on twitter and it just gets wilder and wilder. I've been so impressed by the witnesses and how hard everyone is working for the community.

I've been mostly in art school and I got a temporary part-time job at the school's art gallery. :3 It was amazing. I really enjoyed my time there learning about the art collections.

I'm in my second semester of classes and I'm doing pretty good. I'm on the Dean's Honour List and I was in two art shows in the student gallery.

inscape.jpgThe first show I was in was called "Inscape" and it ran in December. I took a lot of inspiration from my acrylic pours earlier in the year to make these paintings:




Obviously these will be pretty familiar poems: mystic, tending, and venom. X3 Heh. I also took an acrylic painting I made before and added this poem to make a diptych:

I'm feeling really blessed to be in art school. It's a lot of work but even when it's challenging I am really lucky to have this experience.

Me on a morning when all 4 of us were late to our group project lol...
Thank you everyone for continuing to make steem a wonderful place to be.



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