Leo Mol Sculpture Garden - Photos from my visit!

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Yesterday I shared some photos from my walk around The English Garden. Today I'd love to show you the rest of my adventure.


Connected to the English Garden is the Leo Mol Sculpture garden. Leo Mol has hundreds of statues on display here.

I would say even more than the beauty of the English Garden, I find the sculpture garden to be very inspiring. I love the mix of plants and artwork and sculpture gardens are one of my favourite experiences to walk through.


It was a busy day at the sculpture garden and I tried my best to not capture other people so some of my angles and shadows aren't as pristine. But I love this pond. It's known as the lily pond.


This is the Leo Mol gallery in the garden. Many more of his works are on display inside.


I really like this statue which to me seems very fluid and portrays motion very well. I believe it is inspired by a Greek myth.


There were many people at the arbour, which is my favourite spot but it was hard to capture good photos of it. There was even some people working on their own photoshoot! XD


This is a statue of Moses at the other end of the pond in front of the arbour.


Here is a wider shot of the pond. I love it here.


Here is a decent pic of the arbour. If you look you can see the box light that the other folks are using for their photoshoot! Hehe!

I think I was 14 or 15 when I really started to take notice of this place. It's a popular spot in the city to go, but it's like those years I really reawakened to how beautiful it was to be able to walk through the English Garden and into the Sculpture Garden. It is an inspiring experience for me every time. I feel very connected to both places.

I also recently decided that I would pick sculpture as one of my paths of study for studio courses for art school and I know this place has a lot to do with it. I love gardening and I love how rejuvenating and inspiring sculpture gardens are. Leo Mol is not my favourite artist but he is very very accomplished and his work and this place have given me a beautiful refuge in the city many times. It would be very lovely to be a part of making such things in the future.





Banner by @derangedvisions


Looks like a place I could get lost for hours just looking at all the different statues.

Trying capture movement in a statue is quite impressive. It does look like she’s trying jump over all that bull and at any moment will move. Love the detailed work as well from the hair to muscles.

This is a nice place to have a walk...

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Woah, so many interesting statues ! It feels like the garden belongs to them, and they'd be moving and enjoying the beautiful space once there are no human visitors around anymore... :D That Moses statue is so great, very passionate in his emotions !

Love all the photos, Ciel, there is so much lushness in them ! The colours, specially the greens in your shots, just simply leapt off my monitor and into my eyes :D Gorgeous post !

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What a pleasant park to enjoy with lovely sculptors, thanks for sharing @justatouchfey

Lovely place to hang around for the day and the sunshine makes it extra special. Great statues too, like the way the shadows give it a different look than you'd expect :)

Beautiful sculptures in a lovely setting! Such great weather as well, lush greens and good lighting from the Sun! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the walk) Sometimes the statues take on a very unusual appearance, but you can always think about what the sculptor had in mind)

Wow, the rest of the garden is more amazing. i love the art, the girl with the bull statue is probably the abduction of Europe. :)

So many statues in there, but nevertheless the place feels nice to have a walk.

This is definitely the best place in the gardens, as I am also very fond of sculptures.
I have also posted some great sculptures in the past and I find an inner sense of peace when I look at them.

How come the female sculptures are so attractive, while the male one looks like a troll in anguish?

Solid post.

Namaste, JaiChai

I know the feeling how hard it is to get people out of the shot. You did really good and the places looks very peaceful. I'm wondering how many statues are there all in all.

I can certainly see why you like it so much!
Surprising myself, I love that statue of Moses. From across the pond it is spectacular, very natural surroundings for a formal garden.
I thought of Mithras, and old druid beast of divinity I believe, when I saw the bull.
Great post. Thanks!

A stunning park! I've never actually seen an entire park dedicated to an artist before. The statues add a brilliant layer of depth.

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I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the platform one day. Of course, school takes precedence and you want to focus all your efforts there so that you can do well in your studies. Good luck and hope to see you soon.

I think it will go up soon too :( I'm so sad about the timing! I love this platform and I think it will just keep growing in the future but I guess I'll have to earn back my steem power XD.

Thank you, my friend. Hope to be back soon too!

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