Of course! It's your Steem and you can sell as much or as little as you please.
Your wallet shows approx. 91 Steem coming out in 24 hours. How would you like our deal to work? I pay you for as much as comes out each week and Pay according to the price at that time or do we fix a price now for all 500 Steem?

I'd like to do it every week and pay according to that price please. :)

Alright, is it OK to use the price listed on as the one we use? I used the EXTERNAL Steem price listed there for my example calculation. I guess the 1-day powerdown either never happened or it was only being allowed for the exchanges to return the SP to their rightful owners. Lots can happen in 5 or 6 weeks.

Yeah the one is good ^_^

Sent the first weekly 91 steem to you. :)

Oh wow! Nice. Did you check the price or shall I just use the price I see now?

0.19485USD is what shows now.

Yeah, you can use the price you see now :)

OK, I just did the calculations and this is what I got:
91 stm X 0.19485 = 17.731 USD
17.731 / 0.74474 = 23.8087 CAD
I'll fire off an e-transfer to you for $23.81 CAD as soon as I look up log-in information for my bank acct.

Please check your e-mail. Money has been sent.