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This is my first post on the post-forking side of Steem. I've seen a lot of damn strange things in the last few weeks and I imagine it's going to get stranger still.

So far, there's still some need to split between the two chains it seems for me. For one, @steem-eng is still here and most of the communities I engage with have some functionality/tokens with that system.

We've already seen so many reprecussions for to the shift of power that is happening. Steem-side seems a bit quieter, a bit more hollow right now as all the neighbours that have left aren't filling my feed. It isn't lost on me that it kind of echoes the strange stillness happening in my city as the Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads. I've been out rarely and when I am, I can't help but notice how much quieter everything seems. Everything is a bit subdued.

This poster that I'm sharing today is for a school assignment I'm handing in tomorrow. We're supposed to be working on a poster and booklet duo and I've been playing with the idea of digital communities and truth vs fiction in my work. The idea of the poster shown here is of a city that you can only access in your dreams, gateways to it being hidden in different media. If you've known me on here for a while the term "Solarium" might look a little familiar.

It shouldn't be surprising that I was inspired by the idea of the steem blockchain for this poster. I started it earlier this year long before all of these changes that came with the purchase of Steemit Inc. To me, steem was a place where we could try out so many ideas of the kind of world we wanted to live in. We didn't always all get along or accomplish the things we set out to, but it was exciting and I learned things even through the challenges.

I wonder what this city is going to be like now. What will happen as time passes? Will the details of what just happened be swept under a new wave of users as steem gets folded into the tron system? Will it fail? Or will it continue on a strange third path that I can't fathom right now?

~ Ciel

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