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RE: Let's Give Something Back - A No Contest Giveaway! (20 prizes of SBI shares and tokens up for grabs!)

in #palnet2 years ago (edited)

A no contest contest.... so is that not a contest or still a contest..... hmmmm
Well, who doesn't like Freebies :)
Yes, me too.... trying to figure out some of the tokens and that includes Geek

The more the merrier, so resteemed
Now, I am going to look under my seat.... maybe there's a goodie there too ;p (Only Oprah fans would get this I suppose)


Isnt life so complicated ? lol
Nice to meet you and thanks, No.8 - 5 x SBI shares will be with you very soon :-)

Thank you so much :D
SBI's are always welcome
And pleased to meet you too :)

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