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The day started sunny and warm and beautiful. By early evening thick suddenly settled in ans covered our town for an hour or so. It has been a while since we have has fog so it was a pleasant welcome.

I did not check the weather forecast but it does not matter for it is already evening anyway. I was hoping to catch a sunset but no chance. Maybe tomorrow if the weather allows.

I know that there was a low pressure area somewhere south but that was few days ago. I did not think there could be another one. Days like this, it is good curl in bed.

We are nearing the end of our cold months so we are enjoying the last days of it. By March or April, the hot days will start hopefully. Last year we missed summer for the year started with rain almost every day and then it did, then weeks and stretched in for months. We enjoyed the sunny weather the other half of the year.

There is a Lebanese restaurant here that serves Mediterranean food. I am not sure of its authenticity for I have not tasted any other Lebanese food or have been to places to whuch their menu is the source. They serve grilled food, rixe meals and Filipino dishes as well. They serve appetizers, burgers and sandwiches.

We went there for dinner and I ordered their Chicken Biryani. I ordered for spicy one (I think it was Chicken Al Kabsah) but the girl must have miss heard it for there is nothing spicy about my food at all. Anyway, I am famished so I don't have the energy to complain. Plus she seems new for I have never seen her before. That is how frequent we eat here for I am familiar with the faces of the crew. The dish is good and delicious so I did not mind it not being spicy.

The biryani has carrots, a few raisins, rice and chicken plus other herbs and spices. The chicken was roasted. The meal has minimum salt or none at all for I did not taste saltiness just the natural flavors of the ingredientsit was satisfying and fulfilling which makes it worth every price. Chicken Biryani is almost always what I order here.

Aside from food, they also serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and hot and cold drinks. I like their coffee here. Coffee was my original order but the canceled it when I saw a photo of this beer on the tissue holder. My mind was set to have coffee but then again it is not too bad to have one bottle of beer. I have not had one in months.

Cerveza Negra is made from roasted malt and has a 5% alcohol content. I poured it in a glass with ice and looked like Coca-Cola. It has a light effect. It is smooth and refreshing. I like how it tastes a bit bitter but there is no strong taste. I actually finished it quickly. This is a product of the largest beer maker here in our country.

So there goes my Sunday. How was yours?


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