Curation for you, and you, and Every Minnow!!… Join us on Live Curations in PALNet!

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Curation Madness!

The main goal of Minnow Support Project is to help promote undervalued posts on the blockchain and reward great content by minnows. We have a team of curators that do manual curation every day of the week in different categories, to do this the curators choose 5 post each and use our curation account @msp-curation that has a pretty nice trail not only of Steem worthy votes but PAL Coin too! This trail is follow by our main account @minnowsupport and if you read our last post Minnow Support is Switching to Manual Curation! well the title says it all.

This past week we have tried something different, we started live curations, we made a pretty room in our server for people that are chatting to drop their links for a chance to be curated, we liked it a lot so, we will make this a regular thing, sometimes our mods will maybe go crazy and choose more than 5 posts to get curated at once!

When and How To Be Part Of our Live Curations?

These will be happening at random, and you have to just keep an eye open in the General Chat of the server. We will announce them there when they are about to start.
The next one will be Tuesday! At what time? I still don’t know for sure is a secret! Shhhhhh, so just hang out with us in the chat and you will be able to partake!


  • Only one post per person is allow to be dropped in the channel #live-curation on the PALNet Discord Server
  • The post must be of quality, it doesn’t have to be a theme specific but it has to have the #palnet tag (obviously!!)
  • If you don’t have a post of your own, you can bring someone else’s
  • You have to accompany the link with a small description of your post, why did you make it, what is it about, what do you think of it, or whatever else you would like to say. Don’t drop the link all alone or it will not be consider for curation.
  • Stick around and chat a little in the #general-chat channel for us to read your post and give you some feedback on it!
  • That is, it those are the rules! we will be hand picking our favorites to give them some love…

take a look at all our amazing MSP curators! @isaria - Music // @ma1neevent – Introduce Yourself // @Pennsif – Sustainability // @scaredycatguide – Finances & Crypto // @clayboyn – Psychology & Philosophy // @sunravelme – Creative Writing // @juliakponsford – Art // @makinstuff – Technology & DYI // @Zaxan – Photography // @victoriabsb - Spanish

Have any questions about PALNet or PALCoin

Here a few recommended posts to help you out:

If you still have questions don't hesitate to ask in the channel #Minnowsupport-Help of our Discord Server

Thank you very much for reading,
the Minnow Support Moderation Team!

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Thank you for the heads up!! You guys rock!


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